Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wiped Out

It's finally Saturday. The sun is trying to make its way through the clouds. I am sitting with a cup of coffee trying to catch up on my ever-growing bloglist, yet my reader (Bloglines) is having issues. So I will catch you up on the goings on at Casa de JDM.

I have spent much of my sleep time up with Little Miss who has been coughing her fool head off all.night.long. And last night when I took her to go potty, she gagged as she coughed and threw up all over me. Big, red, stinky, chunky vomit all down my side and on the rug. (Were you eating breakfast? Oopsies.) She gagged and threw up just a few seconds later and what did I do? Reached my hands over and caught it. Twice. Where was this in the parent manual? No one ever told me I would willingly, instinctively reach for vomit.

School is finally coming to a close. My student teacher's last day was yesterday. (Translation: I actually need to teach all day long again and no more peeing at my leisure.) We have 17 days left plus 2 field trips. And the last few days in June? That's really just crowd control. If Friday afternoon is any indication of the next 17 days? Please pray. Pray long and hard. I'm gonna need prayer to get through it. Oh, and wine. And chocolate. I wonder if there is chocolate wine? That would really save me some time. During our program on Friday, someone asked the students what the teachers do on the last day as the buses pull away. I was fairly confident the answer was take a shot of tequila. But the nice lady from the PTO thought we just waved at the buses. Ha. If she only knew...

I had to pack school lunches for kids the other day as the school menu was beef stew with beets. Seriously? What kid is going to eat beef stew, let alone BEETS?! Anyway, apparently one meal is all I can handle preparing because I had no idea what they were going to eat for breakfast. So we ran to McDonalds on the way to daycare and picked up a couple sausage McGriddles. The man at the window greeted me with, "How are you today, sweetheart?" I know what you're thinking. He must have been some 70 year old grey-haired grandpa.


He was like 30 something. My age. (Yes, I am 30 something, but a very YOUNG 30 something,thankyouverymuch.) Then when he handed me my food he said, "There you go, honey. You have yourself a nice day, sweetie." Bleecccch. Talk about red, chunky, vomit. Am I the only one who gets creeped out by this? It's very condescending coming from someone your own age, isn't it? Is it just me?

Our weekend? Nothing planned, which is good. I look forward to relaxing and catching up on laundry and dishes. We go out for breakfast every Sunday and the nice ladies usually have a flower for the moms on Mother's Day. The kids already gave me their adorable hand-made things from school and daycare. My parents delivered and assembled my Mother's Day gift from them last weekend. Look how cool!

They put it all together for me. It was much simpler than it looks. If you want instructions on how to make one, let me know. I plan on taking a picture each week to see how much the wave pentunias have grown. I can't wait to see them cascading down.

My husband's gift? Don't know about that one yet. But he might be reading this. So, honey, if you're reading, I wouldn't mind a couple hanging baskets for the front porch. Or a pedicure. Or manicure. Or wine and chocolate. Or a beach house in Hawaii. (Just checking to see if he was paying attention.)

Stay tuned this week for another John Deere giveaway. I have some things from these boxes that are dying to come out and play!

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sandy said...

Forget about the vomit! You had me at chocolate wine!

McDonald's guy....weird!

I love the flower pots!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Carrie77 said...

Those flower pots are awesome, please do post instructions!

Susan said...

Poor Little Miss, I hope she's feeling better. The things we do for our kids.

Those flower pots are so neat. And good luck on the beach house in, I'm just hoping for a signed card. Happy Mother's Day!

Finding Normal said...

Ahhh, chocolate. wine. shots of tequila on 6/3. I believe in all of those things with my whole heart.
Love the flower pots.
Hate McD's guy. I find it equally as gross when a woman does it. At least he wasn't trying to get a tip out of you!
And red vomit? I have so done that. And that's just wrong. Hope Clairie's feeling better ASAP!
How many more days? Doesn't it feel like it should be more like 4???

Wunderwoman said...

Please post instructions for flower pots, thanks! Hope Claire is better soon. I am so with you on catching the vomit, I never saw that in the manual either LOL. Oh, if you get the beach house in Hawaii I might just know of someone who has never been there and would love to have a girls week there, just saying:)

Emily said...

Cute flower pots...can't wait to see how they grow.
The vomit, um, ewww, gross. The McD's guy, um, ewww, gross. The McGriddle, um, ewww, gross...oh wait, you didn't ask for my opinion on that! lol

Sarah said...

Hope Little Miss is feeling better!
The flower pots...neat!
The John Deere boxes...can't wait to see what's inside!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I think its kinda funny how we put our hands out to catch vomit!

And the John Deere stuff. No contests please....just mail them up here to Canada please and thank you.

Have I told you that my kids are John Deere fanatics....and have a JD bedroom......? IT is only natural that you pass the goodies along.....

Michelle said...

Yes, reaching to catch vomit is in the parent manual. It's the unwritten rule, you know like the invisible rule hanging on the Walmart door-you know that one that says you may not enter without spending at least 50.00? I digress...

I don't like to be ma'amed and honeyed by people my own age, although people probably think I'm 50-60 with all my grey hair.

I L-O-V-E the flower pot gift. So cool!!

If you get a beach house in Hawaii can you bring me there???

Have a great Mother's Day!

Martha said...

Sorry, JDM. I hope Little Miss feels better soon.
Happy Mother's Day!

sassy stephanie said...

Be sure to take some down time. Sounds like you need and are going to need it.

Blarney said...

I sure this is going to sound non-Motherly or like I'm in a pissy mood but I am so sick of field trips. Honestly, after a long bumpy (should have wore my support bra) ride in the largest bus without suspension around, the last thing I want to do is watch someone elses 4-6 kids when I can barely handle my own. Not to mention help the bus driver out of the 'big scarey city.' Seriously, I don't want to spend my entire afternoon circling the 'inner city sights' because they can't find the damned on ramp to the highway. Google maps or garmin people. Yeah ~~ I need some RED asap!
By the way I have the perfect spot for that flower pot stack ... if yours is missing in the morning I have NO IDEA where it went. ;)
Have a great Mother's Day!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Oh I hate puke..of any kind...especially odd colored puke.

The pots are cool...can't wait to see what they look like all flowing...

Did you say giveaway?

MoonNStarMommy said...

Hey if your husband can find chocolate wine - you'll be set!!

I looooooooove the pots, I want!! Instructions please????

I have often reached out to catch vomit... what IS wrong with us!?!?

Guys at McD calling you Sweetheart, Honey, etc... next thing you know he'll be going "Hey Sexy!" .. ummm no thanks!

(Btw I'm linking back to you for the above post)

Happy Mother's Day again!!

Sarah said...

There IS chocolate wine! Whoops - just hit the filter at school trying to search for it online! I'll have to get back with the link from home. We have a store called Wine Styles that sells it. So yummy - kinda like a mudslide!

Sarah said...

Ok, here's one -

Deanna said...

around here chocolate wine = hershey's chocolate syrup!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love those flower pots! Too cool. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Mrs4444 said...

I once caught Kyle's vomit, in his baby blanket. You're right; it's instinctual :)

Lindsay said...

I have still not had the vomit experience. 28 months and counting, and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays away for a long, long time. (How about never???)