Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket

The snow is like a blanket that
God spreads across the land,

Where wheat and oats and barley sleep,
Awaiting God's command.

It covers all the pasture fields,
And hides the grasses brown:

It gives the bare, gray willow tree
A clinging, wooly gown.

It wraps around a fencepost tall,
And covers up its head,

Then drifts along the meadow banks
To tuck the creek in bed.

~by Ada L. Wine

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Number Four

Four snow days this season. We have two built into our calendar, so we have now added two days to the end of the year. Now, I am not panicking yet. We were out pretty early this year anyway (like May 24th-ish.) So I am not completely hating these snow days. But more than one or two more will be a problem. And isn't everything about me? Shouldn't the weather do what I tell it to?

To be honest, I don't even really remember the first two snow days. They were early in December. And it was really cold, so I don't think we got out and did much.

Yesterday, the Little Man actually had to go to school while the Little Miss and I stayed home. As we were coming home from dropping him off, we tried to turn but the car had other plans. So we went straight. Heh. We finally got home and guess what? They dismissed his school early. *sigh* Luckily, the second trip into town to pick him up was much easier. The roads were a bit more clear and we were able to go in the direction we intended.

Once we got him home, we suited up to brave the elements. I tied a sled to the back of the Gator and off we went! The kids had a blast!

To top the day off, I got a package from the BFF! Woot!

Martini shaker, chocolate, Starbucks...does this girl know me or what?! Thanks, Deb! I miss you !

Did you hear that she moved down South? And is on her third snow day THIS WEEK?! One of the things she was looking forward to living down there was the warmer weather and mild winters. Ha! Biggest snowstorm in 20+ years! I think it's a sign that she is to come back home!

As I sit here sipping my second cup of coffee with the weather channel in the background, it sounds like the majority of the country is snow covered! What about your neck of the woods? Do you have snow on the ground? Are your kids home from school driving you crazy yet?

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Thousand Ten, 2010, Twenty-Ten

No matter how you say it, 2010 was a pretty great year.

January: It started snowing.

February: It kept snowing...putting the end of the school year much too far into June for this teacher's liking.

March: We celebrated the end of the snow and spring break.

April: Perfect weather for Easter.

May: I went on a field trip as a chaperone, instead of the teacher!

June: Summer finally began! And the husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a kid-free, two-night, all-expense paid trip to Chicago.

July: T-ball ended. We spent plenty of time outside enjoying the hot, dry weather. We ate way too many fried things on a stick at the state fair.

August: We savored every last moment of summer vacation. Then school officially started. My 12th year of teaching. Cole started first grade. Little Miss started preschool, 3 mornings a week.

September: I became an aunt! Little Miss turned 5 with a party at the local gymnastic center.

October: Cole turned 7. We had 58 boys here to celebrate. (Okay, it might not have been 58. But it felt like 58.) We trick-or-treated.

November: My BFF moved away. *sniff*

December: We used our only 2 built-in snow days. We had a wonderful Christmas. We started playing Wii...and can't stop!

Happy New Year's everyone! May 2011 be even better than 2010!

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