Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shady Lanes

For the second time in my life, I went into a bowling alley this weekend.

My first time in a bowling alley was shortly after my husband and I started dating. I am pretty sure I spent most of the night tripping on a non-existent step and whispering to my cousin about how I could no longer feel my tongue.

I may or may not have had a few too many drinks.

Flash forward 12 years...I had to take Cole to a birthday party at the local bowling alley. I was hoping it was reserved for the party with no other patrons. No such luck. When we walked in, the smell of feet, greasy pizza, disinfectant, and smoke hit me in the face. It was dark and loud.

And the people. I had no idea people were so serious about bowling at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Thankfully, I was able to get Cole's shoes on, give him a quick hug and kiss, and get the heck out of there. The only problem?

He loved it.

And guess where he wants to have his next birthday party?

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Monday, February 22, 2010


The John Deere toy giveaway is over! Our amazing friends at Learning Curve will be sending two lucky readers some goodies!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2010-02-23 02:29:19 UTC

Number 85 is Jenny who wants the John Deere Shake N Sounds tractor and dump truck.

Lucky number 7 is Rhonda who wants the John Deere camera and flashlight!

Congrats, ladies! Email me with your shipping info ASAP!

Thanks to everyone for playing and a big thank you to Learning Curve for sponsoring this giveaway!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

John Deere Toy Giveaway

To a 6 year old, there are few things better than a snow day...except a snow day with new toys!

Yesterday the UPS man trudged through huge snow drifts to deliver a precious box from Learning Curve. And today I am going to share the love with you!

As we made our way into the box, Little Miss quickly claimed the John Deere camera and flashlight. I expected a certain little John Deere loving boy to throw a fit, but once he laid his eyes on the dump truck and tractor with the huge monster tires...he didn't even care!

The flashlight rolls just like a tractor, and even makes tractor sounds when you turn the light on. We spent quite some time in the dark last night testing it out! The camera makes lots of different sounds and has different scenes when you look into it. Little Miss "took" several pictures of her brother playing with his new toys!

The Shake N Sounds Monster tractor and dump truck are so cool! They have big, bouncy tires and all-terrain steering allowing them to move and groove! They each have a button that causes them to shake and make awesome tractor sounds.

Our friends at Learning Curve are offering two John Deere toy giveaways to two lucky readers!

One reader will receive the John Deere Roll and Go Flashlight
and the John Deere Camera for your favorite little guy or gal!

Shaped like a John Deere tractor--and featuring free-rolling wheels--the Roll 'n Go Flashlight offers real light and features tractor sounds when the light is triggered. Auto shut-off features saves batteries! Requires three AAA batteries, included.

This easy-to-use John Deere Camera packs lots of features: press the shutter to operate the flash and over 15 different sounds! Peek through the viewfinder for a scenic barnyard adventure. The adjustable lens offers a satisfying "click". Requires two AAA batteries, included.

A second reader will win both the Shake N Sounds tractor and dump truck for the little tractor lover in your life!
Produced by Ertl and officially licensed by John Deere, these off-road monster vehicles are ready to tackle any obstacle that lies in their path! Each off-road vehicle features "push button-activated" monster truck sounds and extreme "shaking engine" action. Other features include all-terrain steering and super-bouncy tires. 3 AAA batteries included. Two styles available.

To enter to win:

Simply tell me which prize package you would like to win: the flashlight and camera OR the tractor and dump truck.

Bonus Entries (all separate comments):

Visit the Learning Curve site and leave a comment telling me what other toy catches your eye!
*Tweet about this giveaway.
*Blog about this giveaway and link back to me.
*Follow or subscribe to this blog. It counts if you already do!

Fine Print:

*Winners are chosen by Random.Org. If you want all your chances counted, make sure you leave individual comments, not all of them in one!
*Winner will be contacted by email; be sure to include your email if it's not enabled
* Open to residents of continental U.S. only
*Contest ends Monday, February 22, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EST
*Rules for each entry must be followed to be valid
*Good luck!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day #6

Holy l-o-n-g winter!

I blame myself.

A few weeks ago while looking outside at the mushy brown yard, gray skies, and muddy driveway, I sadly thought, "I guess this is it. Just 2 snow days in the first week of January. I guess we won't get more snow this winter."


We are under yet another winter storm warning. Lots of new snow has fallen upon the old snow that never melted.

I need to make a list and get some things done around here today. I have been much too lazy on my previous 5 snow days.

It's time to get busy and make the most of this time off...

as soon as I finish another cup of coffee.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


In my next life, I want to be a cat

so I can sleep 23 hours a day,

eat from a never-ending bowl of food,

poop in a box that someone else cleans,

dream of chasing mice,

and get my belly pet all day long.

Now that's the life.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day #5

We are currently on our fifth snow day of the year. Our school has two days built in. Let me do the math for you...that means we have 3 days to make up at the end of the year. Currently, that puts us at May 28. I am okay until we get to June. Once we get to June, this teaching momma gets crabby.

And despite being stuck in the house for 2 days straight, I am enjoying these snow days. They are really the first 2 days that have been truly SNOW days.

We had a couple days just after the New Year that didn't really amount to much. We ended up with a rain day last week...forecasters didn't quite have that storm timed out quite right.

But this week? We have had so much fun in the snow!

We went sledding at the hill behind the barn. The kids could have spent the entire day there...they loved it!

I finally had to make them get in the car to warm which point the Little Miss realized just how cold she was!

Even the cows were cold!

The husband went out on the tractor (with no cab) to push the snow from the driveway. About 10 minutes into it, the winds picked up, it started snowing again, and at one point it looked like a blizzard. Hello, frozen husband!

(Doesn't he have cute lips?)

We had a little extreme backwards tractor driving...which didn't end well. If you look carefully, you can see two doggies frolicking in the snow. They just love to run in the snow, sticking their snouts down into it, chasing and wrestling each other.

Some of the smaller drifts made the perfect forts for snowball fights.

This little guy loves a good snowball fight!

Once the tractor is off and the snowball fights are over, I love how quiet and peaceful it is with a blanket of snow on the ground.

But then the kids start arguing or parachuting from the couch, and I realize...

I'm ready for spring.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello, There

I am enjoying my 3rd snow day of the winter, and therefore finally have some time to update this little spot of the Internet!

* My husband was out of town last week. Not surprisingly, the bathroom sink clogged and the phone jack (which connects the computer to the Internet) broke. Therefore, I had little to no Internet access last week. Thankfully he fixed everything right up when he got home!

* We took the Little Miss to preschool open house this week. She absolutely loved it and is SO ready for it. On one hand, it seems hard to believe that she is old enough for preschool. She's my baby! But on the other hand, she is so very smart and so far above where Cole was at this age...that it seems she should have already been in school! She joined the class right away and participated in everything...even picked her nose at circle time. She fit right in!

* The kids are taking swimming lessons twice a week. They love it. It's good for them. But, do you know what a pain it is to get two soaking wet, freezing little bodies dry, warm, and dressed before heading out into 20 degree weather? It takes longer to get them out of the pool and into the car than their actual lesson!

* The Little Miss had a rough week. She has had a bad cough and sore throat. Tuesday night she was up for hours coughing, crying, and having bad dreams in which a crab was pinching her finger and Grandpa's nose. Luckily we had "no more dreams" medicine (read: Benadryl) and she finally settled down to sleep.

* Last night while watching the Weather Channel, Cole heard them talking about the 6.0 earthquake that rocked northern California. He slapped his forehead, groaned, and exclaimed, "Oh, no! Now we're going to have to give money to California!" He's quite the little humanitarian...but he has his limits, apparently.

* The Archbishop has canceled Catholic schools (including Cole's school) for Monday following the Super Bowl. (Go Colts!) They are making the day up...on Good Friday. Ironic, no?

* I am super excited about Amazing Race starting up again next week! Other than that, I am watching American Idol, Ax Men, Man V. Food, and Chopped.

* Not that I am counting or anything, but we have 25 days until Spring Break. I don't mind the cold and snow...I kind of like that, actually. But the kids? And the hormones? And the rolling of the eyes, arguing, talking out, and general drama? I need a break.

That's pretty much what's going on with me. How about you? Whatcha doin? Whatcha watchin? Are you ready for spring?

I just love this.

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