Monday, September 21, 2009

Things on My Mind

House, Colts Monday Night Football, and Dancing with the Stars on all on the same night? WTH? I go 3 months with nothing to watch and now this? My poor remote control is nearly worn out from all the flashbacking.

My school laptop died today...the one connected to my SMART board...which is the only way I know how to teach anymore. If it can't be fixed soon...I am switching rooms with the teacher across the hall.

My 5th grade girls from last year that are now 6th grade girls? I would like to exchange them for something with a bit less attitude. And perhaps a bit more concern for their grades and a little less concern for the boys they have suddenly decided are notsomuch gross as totally cute. Thank you.

I need to change my "About Me" section. I am no longer the mom of a 3 year old girl. I am now the mom to a 4 year old and a nearly 6 year old. The birthday party went well...lots of squealing for three little girls. And of course, Cole. In the middle of the party, while the girls were all eating cake and ice cream, he comes out in his WINTER overalls, telling the girls how he wears them when he works on his cattle. The girls? Could not care less. Did that stop him? Um, no. He then brought out 2 pairs of his work boots to show them. *sigh*

One of these days I will have an actual post with completely related thoughts. And maybe a picture or two. If I ever have time to import them from my camera.

When is fall break again?

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Becky said...

Lol about the the cattle man:) What a cutie!

Delberta said...

lol gotta love a boy who tries to impress the girls by showing them what a hard worker he is. totally cute.

Finding Normal said...

You can try to switch rooms, but I don't have 37 desks. Good luck with that.
Crack up at Cole whipping out his country gear!
And 6th grade girls? That's exactly why I prefer 6th grade boys! It's like a switch flips in them, and they're all little bitches. Wanna borrow my copy of Queen Bees and Wannabees? :)
I like the random...makes me feel like I'm actually talking to you, since we just don't have time for that anymore!
And fall break? 3 weeks and 2 days. I predict my husband to be in France right about then. Shall we plan playdates to the big city now? :)

Emily said...

I'm with has come back in full force and I now feel like all my spare time is spent catching up on my shows! I'm for a more balanced TV schedule...year round!

missy said...

oh my.....girls do somehow bring alot of drama and attitude to school i am sure!!!!!
good luck!!!!!!

ShaRhonda said...

Love your little cattle "boy"- my my you are quite the busy one these days.....and I hate to tell you its not going to slow down! We finally decided to get a DVR through our cable company since I was missing ALL of my shows due to football practice, but the bummer is....only two shows can be recorded and if someone is home they have to watch one of them!

survivinglifedaily said...

Nothing like a country boy showing off his overalls and boots!!

K a b l o o e y said...

No one can be meaner than a 12 year old girl with attitude. The thought of a classfull makes me itch, so better you than me. I'd curl into a fetal ball and start having flashbacks to my own 6th grade self. I think to teach I would need a Taser and a neon sign that blinked BE KIND in magenta. Good luck with your computer and Smart board. Is that anything like chalk?