Wednesday, December 16, 2009

By the Numbers

3-The number of Christmas trees up in our house

4-The number of rotting pumpkins still on the porch

3-The number of dishes I need to make for various holiday parties this Friday

30-The amount of money I won at a Christmas party for guessing the number of corn kernels in a jar

2146-The number of corn kernels in the jar

2100-My guess

6-The number of gifts left to buy

0-The number of gifts I have wrapped

318-The number of gifts I need to wrap

9-The number of days left until Christmas

937-The number of papers I have to grade

21-The temperature outside

3-The number of dogs interfering with my typing on the couch

30%-The chance of having a white Christmas

3-The number of Christmas get togethers planned for next week

4-The number of days of school left until Christmas Break

26-The number of glasses of wine I will need to get me through those last 4 days

1-The number of comments you should leave telling me your most important holiday number

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Lacey Jo said...

I'm becoming a social studies teacher because all of those number scare the crap out of me!!! My most important holiday number is 1. One more final until Christmas more final of my college career!

Kat said...

You are always so ON! Here are some of my numbers:

17 - the numbers of incomplete blog drafts I have saved

6 - the number of books on my Christmas list

2570 - the number of dollars I still owe for Michael's medivac...

Misty said...

1: 1 more FULL DAY of school before break
1 hour ONLY on Friday!!!

Teri said...

2 - the number of days before my son goes to visit his dad for Christmas (already missing him)

10 - the number of days when my son will return from said visit (already looking forward to that)

5 - the number of hours until I need to get up...why am I not sleeping?


Finding Normal said...

145-the number of times I will yell at children (my class included) over the next 4 days. Wait, that might be too low.

Anonymous said...

8- the number of days until we all get together as a family
1-the number of times youngest daughter will be having us all over to share a meal.
2-the number of wonderful grandkids that we have.
0-the number of minutes I have to get ready for yoga !

Becky said...

Isn't it crazy they have school until the day before Christmas Eve! Ugh!

Crossing our fingers for snow! I thought the chance was bigger than 30%? They are saying Saturday it is a 50% chance:)

26 glasses of wine eh:)

Emily said...

Ha! Love it! Good luck getting it all done...and you might want to take a few more glasses of wine on...sounds like you have a LOT of work ahead of you! :)

koopermom said...

0 - as in I am DONE shopping!! wooooo hoooooo! wrapping, on the other hand, I'd rather not talk about.

Working Mommy said...

Phew!! You're one busy chicka!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Girl, you have your work cut out for you! No wonder you don't have time to make an ornament wreath!

Anonymous said...

1- Movie to go see
0-Family around this year! :(

Carrie77 said...

Great blog post! But, seriously, you can't really have THAT many gifts to wrap? Otherwise, maybe you better add some more glasses of wine to the list.

ShaRhonda said...

oh, thank you for reminding me of the numbers......LOL!

HandyFamily said...

So fun! Here is my list of numbers

3-days until Christmas Play

5-days until my youngest son's birthday

0-the number of birthday presents wrapped

9-how old my son will be

7-days until we celebrate the 1st family Christmas

8-days until we celebrate the 2nd time

??? the number of presents left to wrap

LoveMy2Dogs said...

0 - days off until Christmas
1 - rotting pumpkin, I just put in trash today. Thank goodness it's frozen. lol
2 - my FAVORITE days off at Christmas
15 - gifts left to buy
t00 - many gifts to wrap

Lauren said...

14- the number of days that one or more of my children have been sick, making it impossible for me to run all of my holiday errands.

Lauren said...

14- the number of days that one or more of my children have been sick, making it impossible for me to run all of my holiday errands.

Tiffany said...

0 - the number of people in my household that are interested in even doing Christmas this year. I'm not counting the 3 year old since he doesn't know the difference! lol

Anonymous said...

8-the number of Christmas gatherings we had/have to attend.

3-the gatherings we have left!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Being a retired teacher, I understand the need for wine but Nyquil was my poison of choice.
My number is 7-that is how many grandkids I have and I want them all together----soon!