Monday, May 10, 2010

New John Deere Products

Rungreen has TONS of new John Deere products for sale! I thought I would share some of the newest items on the market, perfect for spring. (Just click on each picture to take you directly to the Rungreen link.)

There is this 3-piece John Deere planter set. I think it would be perfect for a little window herb garden.
These little John Deere paint sets would be perfect for a rainy spring day!

And look at this John Deere kite! We will definitely need one of these at our house!

We love these little self-charging flashlights. They are perfect to keep in the car in case of emergency. (Or perfect for a little boy to keep in his bed to read once Mommy turns out the lights!)

I don't know about you, but sitting around a fire on a cool spring night is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Check out this awesome John Deere fire pit!
Both kids got John Deere beach towels for Easter. Rungreen has about 6 different designs. They are big, thick, and soft. This is the one Cole has. The Little Miss has an adorable pink daisy one that we use for swim lessons every week.

My little tractor loving boy hasn't seen these yet, but OH MAN...when he does! They are giant John Deere decals for your wall. So cool!

If you think think you've seen it all, just look! They even have John Deere satellite covers!

I think every family should have a cornhole set. (That's what it's called around here. Is that a regional thing? Maybe you call it a bean bag toss?) Whatever you call it, you need it! We have a John Deere cornhole set, and it's perfect for taking with you to tailgate, camping, family reunions, or any backyard BBQ.

Rungreen is also giving away a model 4020 Standard Precision Key Series tractor. (That's a really nice one valued at $140.00!)

To register for Rungreen's giveaway, just click here. And tell them John Deere Mom sent you.

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Lynette said...

OMG I am already shopping for Father's Day & Hubby's B-day:) YAY! Thanks!!

Delberta said...

love the kite ! and the big decals. And everything else ! oh good grief, I just showed the hubs the tractor giveaway, he thought it was FULL SIZE !LOL

Brenda said...

Nothin' says spring like a little John Deere Green!! I'm afraid this one would be tough for my husband to let the kids play with...he would want it for his "collection"! THANKS!

Farming Fabulously said...

Wow, love the new products...Thanks for sharing..

Jennifer said...

Oh boy, I should know better than to visit your blog when Eli is around! He just walked up, saw all of the stuff and said "When you getting me that Mom?"!!!

House Queen said...

We definitely need the flashlight and the towel! I made my own "john deere" cornhole board...I hand painted it in the john deere colors! We call it that in Tennessee too! Funny name, isn't it? Love everything you featured! Hope your are having a great month and maybe it is not as hectic as mine!!!! Whew!

Blarney said...

Was at Hobby Lobby the other day and thought of you as I walked down the John Deere isle. :)

HandyFamily said...

I. AM. IN. TROUBLE!! My kids are going to love these! All of them!