Friday, November 19, 2010

A Void

Did I tell you my best friend/teacher across the hall moved last week? Not only did she move, but she moved 8 hours and 16 minutes away. That's 522.98 miles.


I lived in denial for months. Since July, to be exact. I knew she was moving. We talked about it all. I saw pictures of the new house. I helped her move things out of the old house. And yet when that day came? Her very last day to be the teacher across the hall?

Reality finally set in.

We cried. We hugged. And as she she walked out of that school that we had been teaching in together for more than 11 years...I sat at my desk and cried some more.

It has been a week since she hasn't been across the hall. And it just hasn't been the same. We had a staff meeting this week and I didn't know where to sit. How was I supposed to sit through a staff meeting without being able to talk to her? Or slip her notes? Or roll my eyes about the guest speakers?

And she wasn't just the teacher across the hall. Throughout the course of those 11 years, I got married. We both had kids. We both started blogs. We shared books and recipes. We started hanging out after school. We got our kids together for playdates. We had mommy days shopping and lunching.

We were the best of friends.

We still are.

522.98 miles can't stop that.

And while I am glad her family is settled and together in their new beautiful home, starting the newest chapter in their lives...

I miss her. A lot.


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Bren said...

I know how you feel, except I was the one who moved away from my best friend. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain JDM.

My best friend is moving in the spring...she lives 2 doors down right now and I am in complete denial.

Take care. :(

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Gosh dern it... that makes me sad.. and double sad since now she's here... I promise to take good care of her. I fed her and brought her chocolate.



Sarah said...

:( Aww! Sounds like a summer road trip! I'm missing her blog!

Marilyn said...

You made my eyes leak :(

Kat said...

I can't wait for you to come and visit! (I probably shouldn't tell you that we had lunch today...)

Becky said...


Anonymous said...

Well, now I am crying. If I ever see her driving ahead of me and she doesn't have the kids with her, I will ... wait, that's what I told you I would do to the dork you dated in high school . BFF's are not supposed to move away, but.... maybe we could ALL go visit her on spring break! That will teach her to move.

Michelle said...


Rhea said...

That's hard to have her move so far away! Thank goodness for the Internet though and email. But it's not the same as having her right across the hallway, I know.

Julie said...

Life sure isn't fair sometimes. Hope you two find lots of opportunities to get together and catch up. Hope you and your family have a super thanksgiving :)

Brittney said...

:( I think I just made the connection between you and finding normal...funny because i follow both of your blogs and don't know either of u! Hang in there... I only moved 3 hours away from all my family and friends...and it was tough, but we all still keep in touch!