Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Thousand Ten, 2010, Twenty-Ten

No matter how you say it, 2010 was a pretty great year.

January: It started snowing.

February: It kept snowing...putting the end of the school year much too far into June for this teacher's liking.

March: We celebrated the end of the snow and spring break.

April: Perfect weather for Easter.

May: I went on a field trip as a chaperone, instead of the teacher!

June: Summer finally began! And the husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a kid-free, two-night, all-expense paid trip to Chicago.

July: T-ball ended. We spent plenty of time outside enjoying the hot, dry weather. We ate way too many fried things on a stick at the state fair.

August: We savored every last moment of summer vacation. Then school officially started. My 12th year of teaching. Cole started first grade. Little Miss started preschool, 3 mornings a week.

September: I became an aunt! Little Miss turned 5 with a party at the local gymnastic center.

October: Cole turned 7. We had 58 boys here to celebrate. (Okay, it might not have been 58. But it felt like 58.) We trick-or-treated.

November: My BFF moved away. *sniff*

December: We used our only 2 built-in snow days. We had a wonderful Christmas. We started playing Wii...and can't stop!

Happy New Year's everyone! May 2011 be even better than 2010!

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Kat said...

What a great year ya'll had. Well...except for Debbie moving away. I wonder if I could eke out the time to do a post like this? I probably could-and catch everyone up on my doings for the year. But then I might be gone again for another year...

Sandy said...

It looks like you had a fabulous year! Hopefully this year will be even better!

Happy New Year!

jill said...

Your kids look soooo happy! Happy 2011 may it bring even more happiness.

Lacey Jo said...

What a great year! Best wishes for 2011.

Finding Normal said...

Love this post! Miss you! But do not miss your snow.
Rainy and 60 degrees BFF

PAM said...

~ Happy New Year ~

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Looks like a wonderful year. hopefully next year you'll have a pic of when you visit your BFF and we all get to meet you!!!!

Marilyn said...

What a GREAT year!

Mrs4444 said...

Loved your Year in Pictures :) Happy 2011!

Shannon said...

I love these "year in photos" review posts!

And looking at the fair pics makes me wonder how on earth one goes about deep frying Pepsi...

Just say Julie said...

What a fun year! I became an aunt in October-- isn't it the best ever! I always wish for snow days (TX has none) but then in May I'm glad we didn't have any. I totally understand :)