Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Things You Need to Know

1. I'm busy.

2. The snow has finally melted.

3. I'm busy.

4. I'm going to Pioneer Woman's book signing tomorrow.


6. You know the old "birds and the bees" discussion? My little tractor loving boy gave the Little Miss his version, entitled, "The bulls and the cows."

7. Luckily she thinks the cows only date. He actually said mate.

8. But I am fairly certain neither of them know what mate actually is.

9. Last night I was stricken with a bad case of PMS.

10. Dessert pizza, Mydol, and peach Amish wine helped.

11. One of the male subs peed all over the toilet seat, didn't flush, and left the light on in the women's staff bathroom today.

12. I'm going to go out on a limb and also assume he didn't wash his hands.

13. I shall be putting a more obvious sign on the MALE restroom tomorrow.

14. I talked with the BFF today. The non-working, volunteering, shopping and lunching BFF.

15. I'm a little jealous.

16. If I hear "Firework" one more time, I might stick sharp things in my ears.

17. I got a Kindle.

18. I didn't think I wanted one.

19. I was wrong.

20. I love it.

That about covers it. Anything I need to know?

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Finding Normal said...

See, that wasn't that hard, was it? I will pretend that there are pictures in your post. HA!

Mate/date? What's the difference?

I can't believe you see PDub tomorrow! Woot woot!

Amish wine? Do the Amish drink?

Gross on the toilet. Are you sure it wasn't a female bus driver? heh Grotty.

I'm going to attempt to do less lunching. My jeans don't appreciate it.

What is "Firework"?

What are you reading? I knew you'd love a Kindle. I'm reading Orange is the New Black, about a woman who spent a year in federal prison. Good times! I need a good fiction book!

Marilyn said...

Ok, Kindle or iPad?
How did you decide?

I have my own bathroom that boys are NOT allowed in so I totally get how angry you must be about the germy handed sub that peed on your seat.

I just read your comment about the bus driver peeing on the seat and please please please tell me that bus drivers aren't seat peeers!

Amy said...

Take tons of pics of PDub. I expect to see a blog post about it...heehee!

Sounds like you've been having a great life! Good for you :)

Shannon said...

I may go see PDub next month! Totally excited.

I love my Kindle, too.

I am so with you on "Firework". Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?... ummmm... NO.

Lin said...

After mastering "Firework" on my Just Dance 2 Wii game, now I'm excited when I hear it because I do the moves to the song while it plays. Yeah, it's great--especially in the car....with my teen looking at me like I'm an idiot. Hey, I'm trying to find some redeeming quality to that darn song.

blessedmomto8 said...

SO JEALOUS about PW!! I THOUGHT I wanted a kindle too but right now I DONT THINK it's the right time for me. I think I must sleep through the night first! I was JUST wondering what you were up to last night! VISIT MY BLOG to see our BIG NEWS :)

Connie said...

What you need to know: I miss you when you don't blog for a while. I wish I was able to meet you while seeing PDub ~ love her.