Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember me?

Remember the good old days when I could post something and visit my bloggy friends every day? You know...during those snow days? When I could sit in my jammies and chat with you good people all day? That was the life, man.

Then someone had to go and clear the roads of the snow and ice and I had to *gasp* teach!

So what have we been up to? Besides getting up at the crack of dawn, getting 2 kids to daycare, teaching all day, grocery shopping, doing dishes, laundry, picking up toys, cooking dinner, bathing kids, reading stories, putting kids to bed, eating my dinner, doing a bit more laundry, grading papers, and drinking wine?

There's been a good deal of twirling and posing since receiving new skirts from Grandma.

Another present from Grandma?

Hello, lover.

Little Miss got her thumb caught in a mouse trap last night. It was like a cartoon with a big, red, swollen thumb. I couldn't even get out the N of NO! before I heard the SNAP! Then there was a pause, followed by horrific screaming. What made it all better? Frozen cherries. :)

Cole loves to race through the house on his bike. The other night he said, "Watch this, Momma. I gonna go as fast as I can." He took off peddling yelling, "Look...I'm going HIGH SPEED INTERNET!"

Little Miss has mastered using the mouse and navigating through this website without any help whatsoever. She can choose her game, level, and exit back out to choose a new game all on her own. Thank you, Childtopia. You have made preparing dinner much easier while keeping a certain whiny boss occupied.
We had some crazy weather come through yesterday. It was windy, then rainy, sunny, and then even windier. I did manage to catch a piece of a rainbow. I love rainbows. They're so rare and beautiful.

That's about it. Super busy at home and school. One of these days it will slow down. I hope.

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Martha said...

Great pictures, I love rainbows too, thanks for sharing. Your little girl is so cute in her skirt.

Smoochiefrog said...

Beautifully bright rainbow! What a cute skirt! She looks so pleased with herself on that computer. :)

Lindsay said...

Oh, I heart that rainbow picture! I'd love it for myself. You know me and rainbows :)

I hope Little Miss' finger is better. That had to hurt :(

Marilyn said...

I like twirling too.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I remember those days of being able to visit lots of blogs and post frequently too. The good old days!
I love that rainbow picture.

Anonymous said...

That pic of the rainbow behind that barn is awesome!

Way to go, lil Miss - working the computer! Loved all the twirling and posing too.

And Cole's line was too funny!

You are so spoiled with your purses! And I am jealous.

Its tough to go back to work after some freebie days like that!

Anonymous said...

Loved everything about this post. Esp. the twirling, high speed internet comment, the AW SNAP, you win MOTY for not taking a pic of the thumb in the mousetrap before removing it, and love the rainbow pic, I saw it on my way home ! so pretty. Glad you had time to post !
Happy Friday the 13 th !!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Thumb in a mousetrap? OUCH!!!

LOVE the High Speed Internet!!!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Adorable skirt, adorable bag.

thumb in mousetrap - Ouch! frozen cherries - nice touch mom!

High speed internet - too funny!

Have a great valentine's day!

Vickie said...

That is an awesome rainbow picture.
It was windy yesterday. Sometimes so hard it was scary.

Sorry about going back to teaching, maybe you all will be getting a midwinter break? My girls ar off next week. I am able to sleep in that extra hour.

Thanks for sharing the kids website. I am going to check it out right now.

Have a good weekend.

Michelle said...

You make me laugh and I so need the laughs. Love the skirt, love little miss, so cute. Do we live near one another? That rainbow was almost on my door step too.

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany said...

Love the picture, twirling, the high speed internet (I mean NO ONE rides it dial up anymore these days mom!) and the little miss on the computer!! Wish Zilla would entertain himself in any way that wasn't destructive!

Hope life slows down for you soon so you can take a breath!

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

What a sweet post, a sweet little girl, and a beautiful rainbow! I love that!!

Hope you have a weekend full of l♥ve! I'm positive that you will!

dddiva said...

Great great pics! Ouch on the mousetrap.
I remember when the little divas' most exciting thing was to twirl and twirl in floaty dresses/skirts... of course Kyra would always be wearing her cowboy boots with hers but what can you do? ;)

amelia bedelia said...

Your poor thumb! I know about the busy and feeling like you never get to settle down. See, its 11:15 p.m. here. This is the only time I have to myself!

Rhea said...

Ok, that skirt is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. Her poor thumb though.

And Cole's High Speed Internet comment was HILARIOUS.

That rainbow/barn photo is delightful. Makes me smile.

Mrs4444 said...

I know exactly what you mean! SO busy!!!

Teri said...

Your rainbow photo is beautiful! And I can never get over how adorable your little girlie is. Those cheeks need squeezing.