Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day #1

You know how much I love a snow day. But I have to admit, this week wouldn't have been my choice for the first snow day of the season. We just came back from Christmas break on Tuesday. I am not in that "I need a day away from these kids before I lose it" state of mind yet. That won't come until WAY later in the next Thursday.

With an inch on the ground and another 4-5 inches expected during the day, my school was canceled at 5:30 this morning, followed by nearly every school system in the state.

The one school that wasn't closed today?


How unfair is that? His mommy and sister get to stay home all day eating fresh-baked cookies, watching cartoons in our jammies, playing games, and he has to go to school?!

And I have a feeling this will happen quite a bit this winter. It's not that my school system cancels at the first threat of a snowflake, but it takes a Level 5 disaster for his school to cancel. I hate that. I just feel so guilty that he has to go and we don't.

However, when the Little Miss is in school and they BOTH have to go to school while I have a snow day...I will not hate that. Nor will I feel guilty. I might even feel a bit giddy.

Mother of the Year, indeed.

Edited to add: They just canceled my school again for tomorrow. There goes our two built-in snow days. Anything more will be made up at the end of the year. Grrrr.

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Anonymous said...

Poor little man, how unfair, but I bet he is having a good day. I hadn't thought about when Claire is in the same school and there is a snow day ! lol You will love it !

Finding Normal said...

Poor Cole. Is it because most of them are car riders (I assume)? I would love to have that day. Hypothetically, of course. I never think of ways to get rid of my kids for 6 hours.

Becky said...

I can't believe they didn't cancel his school. It is piling up out there?
Of course at 5:30 there was not a snowflake, and now it looks like a blizzard...I am just hoping they get the roads cleared up before TOMORROW. [[gasp}}If they cancel Friday too and then the weekend, I am going to loose my marbles!

Mrs Parks said...

Does Claire appriciate LMN yet?
If she does you'll have a great time watching daytime dramas and if not, you're never to young to learn to enjoy quality entertainment ; )
Have fun and eat a few cookies for me!

Jennifer Juniper said...

There would be a lot of crying around here if one kid had to go and another didn't!

Shannon said...

Aw, that is unfair!

And my kids' school system must take notes from his. Every single county surrounding ours made the decision last night to cancel school for today.

Our county decided to dismiss school at noon. And they made this decision about 30 minutes prior.


You couldn't follow the lead of every other county in the area and call off school last night?! I could've slept in this morning!

blessedmomto8 said...

Our local schools have already had 5 snow days, not including today and tomorrow. We are in the middle of our 3rd blizzard here in KS. GUESS WHAT? My kids dont get snow days since they are homeschooled-BA HUMBUG :)

Working Mommy said...

I agree...Mother of the Year indeed!! I hope the snow starts falling here...b/c I need a snow day from work!


missy said...

HA.....I have to agree too!!!!!! We have had several snow days this rate they will be in school all summer!!!!! :0) enjoy your day at home!!!!

Merrie said...

Ouch -- that's the downside of snow days, isn't it? The making it up at the end of the year. That just takes all the darn fun out of it! In the meantime, enjoy those cookies!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Yuck, only 2 built in snow days! I love the picture and I love the fact that my husband is not the only one who wears his hats within an inch of it's life! :) Try and enjoy your snow days!

Anonymous said...

When I was a teacher, I LIVED for snow days (well, only if they were built in!). I didn't mind it when I was a SAM and my kiddos had school canceled cuz of snow. I loved doing exactly what you said....PJ time, movies, fun food. It was a real blessing. The bad time came when I had returned to work....and the kids were older and my school wasn't canceled and theirs was. Really ticked me off--and I worried alllll day about what they were up to. :) They survived and so did I. Now, I don't care. Every day is a Snow Day! :)

Have a warm and snug weekend! Dana

Kristi said...

That's what hooky is FOR!!!

A Big Fan Of Hooky :)