Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello, There

I am enjoying my 3rd snow day of the winter, and therefore finally have some time to update this little spot of the Internet!

* My husband was out of town last week. Not surprisingly, the bathroom sink clogged and the phone jack (which connects the computer to the Internet) broke. Therefore, I had little to no Internet access last week. Thankfully he fixed everything right up when he got home!

* We took the Little Miss to preschool open house this week. She absolutely loved it and is SO ready for it. On one hand, it seems hard to believe that she is old enough for preschool. She's my baby! But on the other hand, she is so very smart and so far above where Cole was at this age...that it seems she should have already been in school! She joined the class right away and participated in everything...even picked her nose at circle time. She fit right in!

* The kids are taking swimming lessons twice a week. They love it. It's good for them. But, do you know what a pain it is to get two soaking wet, freezing little bodies dry, warm, and dressed before heading out into 20 degree weather? It takes longer to get them out of the pool and into the car than their actual lesson!

* The Little Miss had a rough week. She has had a bad cough and sore throat. Tuesday night she was up for hours coughing, crying, and having bad dreams in which a crab was pinching her finger and Grandpa's nose. Luckily we had "no more dreams" medicine (read: Benadryl) and she finally settled down to sleep.

* Last night while watching the Weather Channel, Cole heard them talking about the 6.0 earthquake that rocked northern California. He slapped his forehead, groaned, and exclaimed, "Oh, no! Now we're going to have to give money to California!" He's quite the little humanitarian...but he has his limits, apparently.

* The Archbishop has canceled Catholic schools (including Cole's school) for Monday following the Super Bowl. (Go Colts!) They are making the day up...on Good Friday. Ironic, no?

* I am super excited about Amazing Race starting up again next week! Other than that, I am watching American Idol, Ax Men, Man V. Food, and Chopped.

* Not that I am counting or anything, but we have 25 days until Spring Break. I don't mind the cold and snow...I kind of like that, actually. But the kids? And the hormones? And the rolling of the eyes, arguing, talking out, and general drama? I need a break.

That's pretty much what's going on with me. How about you? Whatcha doin? Whatcha watchin? Are you ready for spring?

I just love this.

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Becky said...

We are having a snow day too, and the snow hasn't even started yet! It is the weirdest thing!! I guess they are freaking with the white death coming (6 to 9 inches expected)...but MAN, it sucks to have 4 kids home and it to be NO SNOW outside...what the heck?!?!!

THE Stephanie said...

Ok, that is hysterical about canceling school!! No school after the SB, but on the holiday commemorating the death and burial of our Lord... GET TO SCHOOL!


John Deere Mom said...

Becky-US TOO! No snow here yet...6-10 inches predicted. We have a sleety, rainy mix right now. So silly!

Stephanie-I KNOW! How crazy is that?!

blessedmomto8 said...

We are on our 4th snow of the year. I'm DYING to get to a beach UGH! That's happening NO TIME SOON with my preggers status. I'm watching 19 Kids and Counting, Desperate Housewives and Grey's :)

blessedmomto8 said...

We are on our 4th snow of the year. I'm DYING to get to a beach UGH! That's happening NO TIME SOON with my preggers status. I'm watching 19 Kids and Counting, Desperate Housewives and Grey's :)

Kat said...

We are on our millionth day of rain. The creek is rising...and my basement has puddles. I despise precipitation.

I am cracking up about ya'll being out of school Monday...but in on Good Friday. Gotta have your priorities!

Blarney said...

No snow day. I've been home schooling since the accident. Would rather have a root canal.

Sick of the damned snow. Missing the WC.

Have a large 'to do' list before the party on Monday.

I used to always take the kids PJ's to swim; easier to snuggle up with PJ's on after a swim than regular clothes. We got quite a few stares the first couple of times but parents figured out the logic and followed suit the next week.

Go Saints!

missy said...

I think we have 9 snow days already!!!!! ugh!!!!
and snowing activities tonite so we will have to make up another basketball game!!!! :)
loved the "she even picked her nose at circle time" very cute!!!!!

missy said...

oh and i love the dyslexic cow says oom!!!!!!!!
GREAT stuff!!!! have a great weekend!!!!

ShaRhonda said...

Well, I'm off my writing hiatus...I think. I wrote my first post in like 45 days yesterday and have a draft and 2 more posts in the makes, so... I love reading you. I'm headed to my hometown this weekend. Expecting our 3rd snowstorm in the Tulsa, OK area this Sunday! That will make our 4th snow day on Monday if we get "any"! WOW! My 9yr old is now blaming me for EVERYTHING, dropping milk in the floor, not studying etc...well that's my life and I have another blog piece, LOL! Take care!

sandy said...

Oh my gosh, I am still cracking up over the earthquake comment! Too funny!

Marilyn said...

I had my finger pinched by a crab when I was little... My Dad kept telling me to pull it's leg off. I pulled off every leg except for the one that was pinching me :(

Finding Normal said...

Can't wait for Amazing Race! I'm watching Idol this season, and am of course addicted to a bunch of shows you've never seen...Real Housewives of Orange County, Tabitha Takes Over, Kitchen Nightmares, High School Reunion, Teen Mom, 90210. Love them all!
Very funny about school on Monday. I'm secretly hoping we'll get a delay too!

Shelley said...

I love the dyslexic cow too. How cute. I'm glad the little miss is going to do well at school. It somehow makes it easier on my heart when they arent' crying their eyes out.
Yeah, about Spring Break, I get to spend 10 days camping with my kids. Yikes. I hope they know what's good for them. LOL.
Have a happy snow day.

Jennifer Juniper said...

We ended up with 18 inches here and I have the sore arms and back to show for it after shoveling us out!

I can't believe your little one is ready for preschool! You've been busy :)

I love the dyslexic cow!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

boy-the snow days are going to have kids going to school until july! not good!
I can't say that I watch any of those shows but Dancing with the Stars should start again soon!

Merrie said...

I'm glad the damage from our earthquake didn't warrant any more giving. ;) I felt the smaller ones and it wasn't pretty!

We've been watching The Biggest Loser for the first time and it's kind of fun. And of course Lost is back so we're curious to see how it's going to wrap up.

Hope Little Miss feels better!

Julie said...

Aren't husbands cool how they can just fix things? I'm always afraid I'll break it more. Hope the little one is feeling better soon. My not so little one has had a bit of a crud too.
We're actually heading north in our state to LOOK for snow this coming weekend. We may be crazy!

Emily said...

We don't even get snow down here (usually) and I'm ready for spring!
Cabin Fever completely set in just in time for my son to have an emergency appendectomy. There wasn't enough wine in the county for me... :)

survivinglifedaily said...

We haven't had much of a winter yet, so after this snow storm on Wednesday I'll be ready for spring!! I hope Little Miss is feeling better and you get a break soon! I am watching American Idol and House!

Teri said...

With the state of California's budget these last few months, I bet they would welcome a little fundraising. :-)

Martha said...

Hi, JDM, missed you and the family. Cole's remark re.California made me laugh, please thank him from the State of California, but so far, we are doing okay, (kind of), so don't send money, yet.
Hmm, I've been busy with work, getting ready to take a RN certification exam, and just purged my home office of 9 years worth of stuff. I've also been behind on blogging, totally lame.