Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The History of Flight

The first time I flew in an airplane was in middle school...maybe the summer after 8th grade? I have the worst memory ever. We took a family trip to Hawaii (thanks to my dad's frequent flier miles.) I do remember that it was a very long plane ride. I think the flight attendant gave me a pin to commemorate my first flight.

The second time I flew was in high school. I went on a school trip to Mexico...my sophomore year? Again with the memory. I remember NOTHING about the flight. Quiet honestly, I am just assuming we flew, because I certainly don't remember driving to Mexico. But I don't remember flying either. (Early onset Alzheimers, anyone?) I do remember a ridiculously long train ride from one Mexican town to another, in which our food was served from a cardboard box. And we got lost trying to find our way back to our hotel after a walk around the town. And we thought scary ax murderers were following us, chanting something low and deep in Spanish. Turns out it was a water truck advertising "Super Agua" through the street. Heh.

Fast forward to 2000 to my third flight. My new husband and I flew to Aruba for our honeymoon. Again, I remember nothing of the flight, other than that it was long. Oh, and I went to the bathroom no fewer than 10 times. My husband? Not once. What's up with that?

The last time I flew was March, 2001. Pre-9/11. The husband won a company trip to Paris, France. I am fairly certain we flew on this trip...I hear it's a bitch to drive to Europe. Um, that's all I remember about this flight. The date. That's all I remember about it. Note to self: Start taking Gingko Biloba.

So, four flights in my 34 years. Tomorrow will be my 5th flight, and the first for both the kids. To say I am nervous and excited is an understatement.

Wish me luck. And I will take notes about this flight so that I will remember something about it to share with you good people. You are welcome.

This post brought to you by the Joe Johnson Memory System.

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vanilla said...

I might enjoy flying more were it the case that I would have no memory of the flight. Enjoy your vacation!

Finding Normal said...

I think NOT remembering the flight is a good thing. Kinda like you shouldn't remember your waitress because she should be pleasant but not overly engaging (says the chick with the fine dining waitressing history). So, I will take it as a good thing that you don't remember a flight. I think there is only so much room in our brains for stuff, anyway. The only flight I really remember is when I flew out to CA for my brother's wedding and was slightly pregnant with Noah and sat next to Bob Green (Oprah's fitness guru) and I watched him edit a book and felt very uncomfortable that he just thought I was fat the whole time. That'll teach him to fly in coach. heh

Have a blast! Facebook pictures, or at least send them to meeeee. I'm going to assume you won't be blogging from Disney, although I think you really should. It should be as though I'm there with you. And since it's only a mere 8 hours there, I'm not sure why I'm not!

Can't wait to hear what the kids say!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!!! I bet the kids are goint to be so excited!

I am not a flyer. I have to drug up so I have a reason for not remembering the flights....maybe you should get that checked out ;)