Monday, July 11, 2011

The Goings On

The BFF came to visit! She drove 8 hours with 2 kids to see me! Well, and others too. But I like to think it was mostly me. We had a great time was as if she had never left! I was very sad to see her go...but hope we can continue these cross-country visits. We managed to get one picture of us-from her phone. Must do better with pictures next time.

Vistaprint has consumed my life for the past few days. I can.not.stop.myself. I am completely making things up at this point, but I just can't NOT order when it is only costing me $1.24 for SOOOO much stuff! And having all of this stuff will require me to purchase more organizing containers to store it, furthering my obsession of all things organizing. I need help.

I refuse to count the days left of summer. Suffice it to say, June went way too fast. I literally cannot believe it is already July. And I saw school supplies out at Target. Lalalalala. Covering my ears and living in denial!

This is fair week in our county. And we are under a heat advisory with the heat index nearing 110. Oh, and it's hay baling time as well. Those things ALWAYS fall on the hottest damn week of the year. Always. The kids have been begging me to schlep them to the fair and I put it off all weekend. Little did I know those 90 degree days were going to be the coolest of the week.

I have been redoing our kitchen. Wallpaper removed. Glue scraped. New paint applied. New microwave. New dishwasher is to arrive tomorrow. Next step? Replace the countertop, new backsplash of some (cheap) kind, repaint the cabinets, new hardware, new Roman shade blinds. Then we wait for the refrigerator and stove to die. :) I'll post pictures of the before and after when I am finished!

Stay cool this week! And if anyone wants to take my kids to the fair, let me know!

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Finding Normal said...

Yes, it was to see you. The others were a mere distraction. ;)
I hope you're taking pictures of the kitchen. I can't wait to see it!
Good luck at the fair. It is always so damned hot here. Just takes your breath away.
I would like to fast forward to the part where I have a job. Please. Being home with the kids all summer lost a little bit of its magical luster when Noah broke his damn arm and we can no longer swim or really do anything that is much fun at all. And since I'm not sleeping (a whole blog post on its own) Mama is crabby. Ugh. So the thought of going off to work sounds just lovely to me.
No, I won't take your kids to the fair. But I won't take my kids either. Luckily the one who talks will say how much it smells, so I'm off the hook. Plus I'm not sure a fair would be the same in the ATL. What with the funnel cake stand taking my handicapped parking spots at the Walmarts every damn time.

Cheryl said...

I have the same kind of organizing obsession! If I buy more stuff, then I need more containers to organize it!! LOL
It's HOT here too...not sure where you're from, but I'm in SE Nebraska and our heat index today is suppose to be around 105! UGH!
And that is so interesting that you're re-doing your kitchen...I've been hounding my hubby that I want to do something with our kitchen cabinets...they're a dark oak and I want to either re-finish them to a lighter oak or just paint them white or light beige...I want a new sink and new countertops as well. Not sure if it'll happen anytime soon, but hopefully someday. :o)

Anonymous said...

Can;t wait to see the pics of the redo! How nice that your BFF came to visit!!
Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't visited in so long. It just seems that my computery time has had to slow waaaaaay I can get stuff done!! I can lose so many hours enjoying myself by visiting blogs!

Anyway, you have gotten so much done....and still have PLENTY of summery days left to enjoy your time with your kiddos and squeeze in time just for you, too! Your kitchen makeover sounds wonderful. Oh and it is HOT in KC, MO too!! Just heard on the news that it's 98! We've been at and above that temp since the weekend and it's predicted that we'll stay there through NEXT WEEK!!! Not good...not good at all! :)

How awesome that you took your kids to Disney World!! I'm sure they went nuts when you surprised them with that trip! I still recall when we took our kids...and that was over 20 years ago. The best part is...they remember it, too. :)

Keep cool.....and I hope you find someone to take your kids to the fair..... :) dana

Mrs4444 said...

I do not want to talk about how quickly this summer has been going!

I do want to talk about the fact that I'm coming up on my 4th year blogging anniversary and the fact that you were one of my early supporters! THANKS! Glad to see you are also keeping up AND still meeting up with your Bestie :)

Anonymous said...

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Diana said...

I can't wait to see pics!

ShaRhonda said...

Hadn't seen you in my feed in a while...didn't want to leave a note on your giveaway post! Hi! When does school start? It's been the hottest summer ever in Oklahoma! I need to grab your new button. Love it!