Monday, September 5, 2011

Back at It

Several of my friends have been posting on Facebook that they are going back to school tomorrow. And to that I say :p~~~~~~~~. (Does that sound like a tongue sticking out making a raspberry?)

I've been back for months. Okay, it's only really only been a few weeks, but it feels like it has been months.

The kids went back to school a few days before I did. Here they are on the second day of school because this mom forgot the camera.

Can you believe I have a second grader?! He's going to be 8! 8 years old. C.r.a.z.y.

And my kindergartener! She loves school. Loves it. She gets a weekly homework page on Monday to be turned in by Friday. She has it done in about 2 minutes on Monday afternoon, begging for more!

The boy on the other hand? Is doing great in school but really lives for recess and playing with his buddies at after-school care. The 6 hours of school are really an inconvenience to his playtime. And homework? Not quite as willing as his sister.

The weather for the first 2 weeks back to school was amazing. Low to mid 80s with less humidity. The entire summer was 95 degrees with unbearable humidity, so we definitely did our best to enjoy a few beautiful days after school at the park.

It was 100 degrees on Friday and today? A high of 62 with no sun. It was SO cold this morning! But it was definitely a welcome change. I love nothing more than chilly evenings and extra blankets.

We have a busy couple of months ahead. The little miss turns 6! this month with a party at the local gymnastics center. My niece turns one this month AND becomes a big sister! I can't wait to meet my newest niece or nephew! The boy turns 8 and they are both in a wedding next month!

Not to mention we have gymnastics, book club, and Girl Scouts. All the while I try to keep my sanity teaching all day! The good news...Fall Break is only 5 weeks away. :)

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Finding Normal said...

Not that anyone's counting.
Yay for a post. Finally!
And why is Cole's snap and zipper undone in the upside down picture? And why did Noah experiment today with peeing through the hole in the seat? It didn't work, in case you were wondering.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

It's so fun to get back to school! Cute pics!

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

I think that tongue sticking out thing might have been directed towards me....but I forgive you.

Fall break is for wimps. Us strong folks up here go right until Xmas.


vanilla said...

The tildes say it all. I got it instantly, though I had never seen that one before.
Keep on truckin'--er, I mean teaching.

Delberta said...

Great pics! Keep posting !!