Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Speed of Life

Over the past month...

My new sweet baby niece was born.

4 days later, my own baby girl turned 6.

3 days later, my other sweet baby niece turned one.

Then the kids and the husband were in a wedding for my cousin and his beautiful new bride.

We are now enjoying Fall Break. And when I say enjoying, I mean screaming at the kids to QUIT FIGHTING.

(These pictures of the Little Miss were taken 2 weeks ago, when it was 80. It is currently 30 degrees.)

And today we are celebrating my little man's 8th birthday. Gah! Crazy. Unbelievable. Impossible. He was as small as his new baby cousin just yesterday.

Life is flying by too quickly. Someone, please pass the pause button.

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Anonymous said...

Wish there was a pause button. It only speeds up.

Shelley said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Beautiful life. Thanks for sharing.

harun said...

Beautiful picture and your family.
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