Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's October

So that means...

1. I am knee-deep in papers to grade.

2. The combine will be rolling out of the barn soon.

3. The boys in my life will disappear for a few weeks.

4. My baby boy will soon turn 8.

5. Both kids will be in a wedding next week.

6. I am knee-deep in papers to grade.

7. The leaves are changing.

8. I am making way too many stops for this.

9. I can start making meals like this again.

10. Fall Break is only 2 weeks away.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for fall break! Great pictures.

Finding Normal said...

Very fall-ish post!
Good luck with those papers. Blech.
Our fall break is this weekend. We get a 3 day weekend. Not the same, but we'll have a week off for Tgiving. And really 1 extra day will be enough. I just want to sleep in. I'm so tired of Saturday AM bball. Ugh.
Can't believe Cole will be 8. EIGHT! That's like, almost 10. Blech.
How funny that you now have TWO award winning recipes!
No leaves changing here yet. They are falling, but they're not pretty colors. I remember leaves being colorful into December. So weird. Hope TN is pretty this weekend.
xoxox Miss you!

Tractor Mom said...

I know how you feel! We found out that our Fall Break is an in-service! I am SOOOOO bummed! I got things I need to do around the house...oh well...there is still college football!!

I wish I could get some of that corn! We use it for our chickens and hogs and the prices are going through the roof!! I wish I could get it straight from a farmer like you than have to pay all these middle men...

I hope you have a great harvest...

Shelley said...

Wowzers, I am loving those colors on the leaves. What kind of school schedule do you guys have? I have never heard of a fall break before.

Becky said...

Yay for fall! I can't believe your little guy will be EIGHT! Geesh!

Totally checking out the chili recipe :)

Secondary Roads said...

Feeling fallish here too. This is my favorite time of the year.

vanilla said...

Very nice pictorial essay on "October." May those mountains of papers melt away!

Oooh! Fall break! *hands clapping*