Thursday, July 10, 2014


Cole has been doing more and more on the farm as he has gotten older.  He is wiser than his 10 years in all things farm and equipment.  He started small, driving the lawn mower, the Gator, and his four-wheeler.

He eventually progressed to small tractors, bigger tractors, and skid loaders.

Last week?  He started driving trucks.

I love seeing him evolve into one of the guys on the farm.  As they were doing wheat last week, he became a valuable member of the operation.  He was able to drive the trucks through the fields as the bales were loaded onto the wagons.  He was ecstatic and oh so very proud of himself. 

Seeing him sitting in the truck made me flash forward to six years...SIX SHORT years...when he'll be driving for real.  And that?  I'm not ready for. 

At all.

So for now, he'll stick to the fields where everyone, including my sanity, will be safer.

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Karen said... I decided to get back into blogging..LOL It's been awhile. Cole and Claire are growing like weeds and yes, it's a tad scary that driving is only si years away. However, look at all the experience he is getting now :-)

Josh Pennington said...

They grow so quick. My son started driving this month and I panic every time i see him.

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