Monday, August 9, 2010


The kids and I were able to check yet another item off our summer to-do list last week! We headed to the Children's Museum for a day of fun and exploration.

I realized when we walked through the parking garage that I left my camera at home. Grrrr.

I shall recap our visit with the help of Google images.

The drive there was uneventful thanks to car DVD players.

A Starbucks skinny vanilla latte added to the enjoyment of the morning.

The line for tickets was beyond long. We wandered our way through the maze for a good 20 minutes.

There were far too many families in matching shirts for my liking. Is it really that difficult to recognize your children? Your grown children? You need a big airbrushed horse shirt to tell them apart from the crowd?

Many parents were confused. It seems as though they thought they had brought their dogs to the museum when it fact they had their children. On leashes. So many children on leashes! What? Why? Might I recommend keeping an eye on your toddler? Holding said toddler's hand? Enough with the leashes already.

Shortly after arriving, the children decided to go into a cave-like slide/climbing area. A few minutes later, Cole came down the slide. The Little Miss? Couldn't find her. Then I heard the screams. She was sitting at the top of the tall, dark, cave ladder screaming hysterically. She was afraid to come back down the stairs AND afraid to go down the slide. Thankfully, an older girl helped the lunatic down the slide.

We made our way to the Barbie exhibit. The best part of the trip in my opinion. Well, except for the Starbucks. The Barbie area was huge. Much bigger than I expected. Lots of cute activities. Dolls from the 60s. Dress up. The Little Miss LOVED it! And I have to admit, it was fun seeing some of the Barbies and accessories I had when I was little.

We even managed to see a John Deere while we were there! They have a Guitars and Cars exhibit right now. Original costumes from Kiss, Michael Jackson, Elvis. Very cool. They had amazing old cars. But the one that caught our attention? The rock 'n roll John Deere lawn mower!

(photo taken with my phone)

After seeing the John Deere, our lives were complete and we were able to head back home. And thanks to my treat receipt, the ride home was just as enjoyable as the drive there.

Thanks, Children's Museum (and Starbucks) for a wonderful day!

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh wow, a Barbie exhibit would be my best part except yeah starbucks I'm with you. I havent had that in ages and I love it!


♥Georgie♥ said...

LOVE that photo of your daughter!!!! sounds like a fun time

Shelley said...

Wish we lived close enough for a visit to this place, it's sounds awesome.

scargosun said...

I about lost it with that pic of the mother and kids in the sunflower outfits...IN SUNFLOWERS. it screamed serial killer to me for some reason.

Merrie said...

Well done. I felt like I was there. ;)

Blarney said...

Nice! Summer is almost done ... sigh.

Emily said...

That is the best museum recap I've ever heard! ;) And now I want a Starbucks.
We have a Children's museum in Atlanta, but it's not nearly as cool as your's sounds!

Susan said...

Sounds like a great day at the Children's museum. The Barbie exhibit would probably been my favorite too... that and the Starbucks! Starbucks always makes things more fun..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

omg, i cannot stand the kids leashes!!