Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nine Days

I start school in nine days.


Typing that makes me physically ill. I get stomach cramps. And then I begin to sweat. My mouth gets dry. I start wringing my hands.

It cannot be true, right? How can my summer be nearly over? It just started!

You know that saying, "The three best things about being a teacher: June, July, and August." It just doesn't apply anymore. I was still in school in June. I have worked in my classroom several times in July. And I go back to school the second week in August.

Here is a to-do list I made on my first day of summer break.

*shopping and lunches out alone and with friends
*a 2-day getaway with just the hubby to Chicago for our 10 year wedding anniversary
*a little mini-vacation with the kiddos...not sure where yet
*Jungle Jim's, Ikea, Newport Aquarium
*house cleaning
*new mulch on the flower beds
*Children's Museum
*hanging out with my wonderful kids!

At least I managed to get many of those things crossed off in our short time off. I hope to get the rest of the things crossed off too.

In nine days.


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Susan said...

Enjoy the last nine days... we're back at it here and this getting up early is definitely for the birds. I don't do well up at 6am. I'd love to go back to bed after taking them to school, but the 4 year old won't let me!!!! Hope you get the rest of your list crossed off!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ugh.... I'm sorry. At least you're not here - the kids start this Monday!

Jennifer said...

Enjoy your nine days! I start back the last week of August, so I have a little bit more time left, but it is already making me sad that my summer is almost over!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!

I'm supposed to go back soon too; however, we still haven't worked out the issues with the building and my stuff is still locked in there. Argh!

blessedmomto8 said...

I'm feelin ill with you sister! Our homeschooling will start the 18th and with a nursing babe, its gonna be TOUGH! HUGS!

Becky said...

That list is SO funny because half of those things are SO CLOSE to me!

Girrrll. I say Newport Aquarium with the girls some day?? eh?

Shelley said...

Wow, we still have 21 days left till school starts back.. I hope you get through your list.

Finding Normal said...

Nine days. Seriously? I did NOT need a number. I'm in denial. I don't count that work day anyway, so in my mind we have until the 16th, which is almost two weeks.
My one goal was Sonic. Still haven't gone yet. Must do this week.

Sweet Caroline said...

And just think, right after that Harvest and then the holidays - haha

Shannon said...

Registered the kiddos last night... 1st day back is next Wednesday.

I think you did great on your list! Hope you enjoy what's left of your summer break!

Mama H said...

Good job tackling the list. This year, summer FLEW by, didn't it?? I can't believe it's over. We teachers have to go back Monday the 9th and students show up the 16th... I'm not at all ready right now, but I guess I will at least act like I am when they all show up to Meet Your Teacher Night THIS TIME NEXT WEEK -- OMG. Enjoy your last 9 days... :-)