Saturday, March 8, 2008


I think Easter is sneaking up on everyone. I got curious about Easter dates and found this pretty interesting.

From 1700-2299 Easter Falls on March 23rd eight times: 1704, 1788, 1845, 1856, 1913, 2008, 2160, and 2228. So this will be the last time we see Easter on March 23rd in our lifetime. During this same time period, it only falls on March 22nd (the earliest it can fall) three times: 1761, 1818, and 2285.

I knew this was about the earliest Easter could fall, but didn't know it hadn't happened sine 1913.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite Easter things (in no particular order.) :)

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teachergirl said...

I just went outside and put out the Easter Bunny and carrots. Remember, it snowed this morning. PrepGirl and BrownBear get to go on Spring Break next Friday - my sister, who is an Assistant Principal where we grew up, actually has spring break at the exact same time as they do- and they are all going to FLORIDA without me. Last year, Florida in March was pretty darned nice.

Finding Normal said...

I hate the creme eggs. Pass me the Reese's pb eggs...something about the higher pb:chocolate ratio makes me just salivate!

John Deere Mom said...

You and your peanut butter ratio! I could live on creme eggs. Oh mama, are they good!