Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update and Randomness

Let's start with a doggie update. Weird, weird. Bear had been lying in a puddle for hours, wet, dirty, and shivering yesterday. Word has it, he (and the 2 other dogs) had been spotted about 5 miles away sometime during the day. When I got home, Farm Guy's uncle had put him on a blanket in the garage. He continued to shiver and act so strange. He wouldn't put weight on his leg. He had blood on his nose. We got him warmed up, fluids given, Aspirin in, etc. This morning I went out to check on him fully expecting to take him to the vet to find a broken leg. He was standing at the door to go potty and literally ran out the door. Um, what?! Apparently he had a pinched nerve and at some point it just relieved itself. That is a huge relief. He is back to his old self and we couldn't be happier.

As for the blood on his nose, that is a big concerning because Daisy is still not home. :( We aren't sure what happened yesterday, but something had to have. We are still hoping someone has picked Daisy up. The animal shelter (of course) is closed on Thursdays, so we will have to wait until tomorrow. We drove all around the area from where they were seen to home and haven't seen her. Hopefully we get good news tomorrow. Thanks for your well wishes!

In other news...Tractor Boy pooped today (4 pieces) and said, "Look Mommy." (Pointing at the poop.) "It's you, Daddy, me, and Little Miss." How disgusting is that?! Way TMI, I know. But for some reason I was compelled to share that little tidbit.

How happy am I to see Danny ousted from the Top 12 on American Idol?! Ugh. He was the cockiest, rudest person ever. I was pleasantly surprised to see Chikieze make it. All I have to say is, GO MICHAEL JOHNS! Yum, yum.

I think I have mentioned before how Little Miss is potty trained through the night. This is very strange to me as Tractor Boy still pees all night long in his diaper. I put a Pull-Up on Claire, but she has stayed dry for weeks. Tractor Boy, on the other hand would pee in a diaper all day long if I would let him. Well, today I when I picked them up from daycare, the provider said, "We had an interesting issue with T.B. today." Hmmmmm, hard to say what it might be. Apparently, I (Mother of the Year) left his diaper on him this morning from overnight and he kept it on and continued to pee in it until about 11:00 when they escorted all the kids to potty before lunch. T.B.told them, "I have a pwoblem." She takes him in and sure enough there he is with pants and underwear OVER his fully soaked diaper. I asked him about it and he replied with a grin, "Yep, and I peed it in all day long." Sigh.

We have yet another Friday winter storm warning issued. Unfortunately, it looks like the timing might result in an early dismissal. Do you KNOW how horrible it is to try to dismiss kids early from school? They are excited, scared, and frantic that no one at home is going to know where they are. It's utter agony. So, I hope it either holds off until after school (that would be best then we wouldn't have to make up anymore days) or start early enough that the superintendent can cancel school before we all schlep in there. Wish me luck.

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Finding Normal said...

Glad Bear is magically recovered.
Will hope Daisy finds her way home ASAP.
That poop story was wrong on so many levels! Noah likes to say whether his is a snake or a croc, though, so what do I know!
Hilarious about the diaper and him totally taking advantage of it. I think I smell a rat!

Finding Normal said...

Forgot to tell ya...LOVE the new background!
Hope your drive home was easy and you have a good weekend with the kidlets.
Off to read. :)