Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What now?

So I am driving home from a jam-packed staff meeting that I had to leave early from to get the kiddos from daycare. Farm Guy calls letting me know that our dog, Bear, has been hit. We have 3 dogs. Bear has been our dog since I rescued him nearly 8 years ago after his momma had been hit right outside of my school. The other 2 dogs have been dumped upon us and we are big, fat suckers and can't say no. So, Jackie the Cow (our newest and to be honest, least favorite dog) was home and fine. Bear, our favorite dog, my HUSBAND'S FARM DOG, was home but hurt. Those of you with farming husbands understand the importance of the farm dog. Daisy, our middle dog, is still missing. Needless to say, it's pretty somber around here tonight. We called the vet and were told to keep Bear warm, get him some liquids and an aspirin for the pain. He was able to walk into the mudroom and has been doing a bit better. Farm Guy will take him in to be seen in the a.m. We are hoping that Daisy has been taken to a shelter somewhere, but who knows?

This is Tractor Boy with Jackie the Cow last summer.

I am slightly embarassed that I don't have a better picture of Bear, but kids tend to hog the camera. Bear is the brown dog, not the angry black cow.
And here is our missing Daisy. :(

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cupcake said...

Here's to a healthy recovery for your doggie.

Debbie said...

Oh, Ang, I'm sorry to hear about Bear and Daisy! I know even though they drive you nuts, they're still a big part of your family. I hope all will be well soon!

Christy said...

Oh no! That is awful. If you are like me it's almost as if one member of the family is hurt and one is missing. I will pray for both dogs.

Missy's Blog said...

I happened across your blog when I was Googling something to do with John Deere ... probably John Deere party supplies as we just had my son's birthday party with that theme.

Anyhoo ... I love to visit your blog. I've been a lurker for awhile now ... but I just wanted to say that I hope Bear is okay and that Daisy finds her way home.

Take care,

The Nester said...

Hate me. I didn't even read the post. Hate me double I'm so bloggy incorrect.

I was just so excited that you lived in columbus!!!! This was the only way I could find you!

I was born in Columbus {I'm 34} and lived there until 7th grade. My parents both grew up there and we still have family there. We used to live in a house on Gladstone Avenue.

What about you? Email me from my profile page and we'll catch up!

Angie said...

Thanks, girls. Missy, I am on my way over to check out your blog now. I love web-meeting new people! :)