Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break Royally Sucks

That pretty much sums it up. Let me tell you about my week, day by day.

*rained all day
*ran errands with kiddos

*rained all day
*went dress shopping with my sister
*felt a little off all day; thought it was car sickess

*rained all day
*started to feel really sick; fever, chills, headache, knives in my throat

*stopped raining after 4.5 inches
*thought I was dying; pounding head, fever, chills, bigger knives in my throat

*headache gone
*throat swollen to the point whereI can barely swallow and can't talk quite right
*go to doctor with 2 kids
*get out of car at dr. and hear Tractor Boy exclaim, "There's Grandpa!" Sweet Jesus, it was Grandpa there for the sole purpose of watching the kids while I saw the dr. Wanted to kiss him but didn't want to infect him
*have strep throat
*drop off prescriptions
*stop at Wal-Mart to get a couple things while 2 kids scream and fight the entire way
*go back to get prescriptions
*get cut off by some woman who doesn't know how to drive; flipped her off; sorry, it was the strep throat talking

So, that's about it. Now I need to get up the nerve to have some soup. Each swallow is torture, but I am really hungry. So, wish me a speedy recovery. I hope, hope, hope the kiddos don't get sick. I know how awful I have been feeling, I would really hate it for them to get it too.

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Finding Normal said...

Bless your Daddy! I hope you'll feel better ASAP and neither kid will catch it.