Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Did you know?

Scargosun and Lindsay both tagged me to share a few (7 and 6 respectively) random things about myself. They had rules and regulations I was to abide by, but it's already late, so I am flying by the seat of my pants here. I know. I am such a bad a$$ rule breaker.

1. I was a vegetarian for 7 years.

2. Chewing gum gives me a headache.

3. I took Spanish for 2 years in middle school, 4 years in high school, and 3 years in college. Hola. My llamo Angela. Although in middle school they let you choose any "Spanish" name to use for class. So I was known as Mercedes for two years. That's about all I remember.

4. I love all vegetables except for beets, turnips, and radishes.

5. One of my favorite comfort foods is white rice with a can of cream of mushroom soup. So good.
6. I have never stolen anything in my life, except for a wine glass at Olive Garden when I was in high school. My friends were urging me to put it in my purse and take it. I was so freaking nervous I thought I was going to pee my pants. Then just as I walked through the doors to leave, my friends made a siren sound like I had gotten busted. Absolutely terrified the holy he!! out of me.

7. I haven't yet left the kids alone overnight. Well, I guess I technically left Cole overnight with Grandma while I was giving birth to Little Miss, but I really don't think it counts if you spend your one kid-free night squeezing another human being out of a very small orifice. If we ever do leave the kids alone for a night, I hope to have dinner and a movie and NOT push out another kid.

If you have some random things you'd like to share with the Blogworld, consider yourself tagged!

Jess over at Nothin but Purple gave me an award! How cool is this?!
Who doesn't love to get a really cool award?! I know I do. Since I broke all the rules in the tag above, I feel like I should pass this award on. So I am going to randomly choose 5 blogs I enjoy for this kick a$$ award. The award goes to:

Shelle at Blokthoughts
M&M at Maternal Mirth
Lula at Lulaville
Karla at ZanderandMe
Rhea at Texas Word Tangle

There. I promise to post the Crock Pot recipe tomorrow. It's late and I need to get crackin' on Twilight. Buenos noches.

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Finding Normal said...

Love the new polka dots! You are making me so jealous! I'm still too nervous about losing the widgets, even after your tutorial!

I remember that veg thing. What ever happened to that stage? You started liking meat? Loving animals less? Married a farmer/meat eater and got tired of fixing 2 dinners?

Je m'appelle Danielle in high school. I have no idea if I even came close to spelling that right! Crack up that you were Mercedes! Our names had to start with our real letter, I think so my ancient Madame Hajjar could remember them.

LINDA said...

You are getting fancy here, showing off your skills with the htmls. I cannot do it. Call me chicken....I don't know.
Your friends pretended to be sirens to freak you out. I bet they laughed their a**es off and I do not doubt that you nearly peed your pants. You crack me up!!
Still looking forward to the crockpot recipe. We are having the cacciatorre tomorrow.

Shelley said...

Congrats on your award.

I love, love, love what you've done with your blog. Great design.

Kat said...

Love the polka dots. I love the combo of blue and brown.

I highly recommend a night away from kids. A week is lovely. We vacation by ourselves every other year. Heaven.

And I took 4 years of Russina in high school. And minored in it in college. I remember simple words. A few phrases. I can still read it. But that's about it. But Why I still remember enough Latin to teach it...no clue.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog design.....I'm into brown and blue right now and polka dots....so your site is making me happy.

Thanks for the award...much abliged!

I got tagged twice too....and I'm thinking I might steal a couple of your ideas...well, I'll borrow them...you can have them back if you want...

Oh, and I finished Twilight tonight. It was a little slow til you get 3/4 of the way through then it takes off. It was definitely a good book...I didn't want to put it down. I'll be interested to see where the other 3 books take the story....

Mrs4444 said...

Congrats on your new award; you deserve it! I've seen your blog evolving, and it's a beautiful thing :) Love your design today (you could make some money doing that for others, you know!)

Mamahut said...

Love the new look Miss. That's too funny about the wine glass.

Kayla said...

I love the new look! I guess I need to read your instructions on how to save things, I get nervous!

cupcake said...

Check out Miss Creative! You put the rest of us to shame.

I, too, am curious about the vegetarian thing. What started it? What ended it?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a a a chooo could you please hand me a kleenex in one of those little packages? LOL

Heather said...

Are you reading it?? Have you started yet?? What part are you on? Do you love it?

Susie said...

Cuidado, Piso Mojado. That's what I remember from Spanish. Or the Slippery when wet floor sign.
I am really proud of that minor I got. Pretty dots!

thotlady said...

I was a vegetarian for 10 years then about two months ago, my husband and I started eating meat again.

The photos of your children remind me of a poster my dad used to have. You can find it here.


Thanks for coming by my site. I just finished 'Twilight'. Let me know what you think when you are done.

Deanna said...

I love it when you play with your blog design! I tried it and messed mine up! :P

*chanting* recipe! recipe! recipe!

Rhea said...

Ok, you totally kick ass! Just as I was thinking to myself, "What a cool award" I saw that you gave one to me, and I was so psych'ed! AWesome! Thank yoU!!

I loved learning more about you. Chewing gum gives me a headache too but I still do it occasionally...to keep from eating bad things. hehe

I can't believe you were a vegetarian for so long. Wow!

I was laughing at the Olive Garden story. You little thief. Do you still have the wine glass or is it hidden under the floor boards, thumping like Edgar Allen Poe's telltale heart?!

Beth said...

My Spanish name was "Nina."

And I haven't left my kids alone overnight yet either, with the same exception as you, of course.

Crazy Daisy said...

Looks like I'm not alone in being curious about the vegetarian thing! :) Also, congrats on the award!

Lindsay said...

You have quite the blog skills!

I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and a semester in college. I wish I'd kept up with it. Maybe someday I'll jump back in.

I agree, you must have a childless night sometime. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. You'll appreciate your kids so much more when you get back. I've only had a couple since the baby was born, but they were glorious.