Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WTH is that?!

Rhea over at Texas Word Tangle (who, incidentally, is hosting a giveaway right this very minute!!!) is always doing this fun little game and I am ALWAYS showing up at her blog too late to play. So...I decided to do it.

The only thing is...I have no idea how she gets such great pictures that are so tough to guess. I have a feeling mine are so easy you'll laugh at me and not play. Please humor me.

***We interrupt this post for a very important announcement from Little Miss. She just walked up to me and said, "Momma, butts make poop. Butts take cupcakes, cake, sugar, apples, and bananas, and makes poop. Then it's all done." Back to our regularly scheduled post.***

Take a look at these pictures (that I took around the house) and guess what they are. I know, I know. They're easy. Give me a break...it's my first time. But don't be like me when I play the game at Rhea's...DON'T look at the comments ahead of you. That's cheating.

Do as I say not as I do.

Oh wait, the first person who guesses all the pictures correctly gets a little prize. I'm not telling you what it is yet. Because I don't know, either.







Too easy? Let me know!!

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sassy stephanie said...

Holy crap? You call these easy?

Here's my pathetic attempt:

1. um, I dunno
2. um, dunno again
3. part of a Tinkerbell or Little Mermaid costume? (small girls child...educated guess)
4. Pedro, Paco, Diablo's fur
5. kibble
6. ?????
7. thought you said these were easy

Delberta said...

1. buckeyes
3.Farm Guy's tooth
5.dog food
7.corn cob

That was pretty fun ! Not feeling too confident at my guesses though.

lindanuts said...

Wow! I don't know where you think these are easy....
1. persimmons
2. cuff of an old sweater
3. honeydew melon
4. pet hair--probably dog
5. home-made garlic croutons
6. tequilla sunrise
7. scarf
There is no way I am right but it was so difficult, I expect some kind of reward--at the very least, a pat on the head. Good try, old girl!!!!!

Heather said...

I'm functioning on barely three hours of sleep here, so if these ARE supposed to be easy, I'm sunk.

1. some sort of nuts
2. a dust ruffle
3. a plant stem
4. a dog
5. pet food (kibble)
6. some piece of wood - floorboard, maybe?
7. looks a lot like an extreme close-up of one of the decorative throw pillows on my living room couch, so I'll go with that!

Anyhow, you were the SITSta who posted right above me at roll call this morning, so I am popping in to say hello! Didn't realize there'd be a quiz.... :D


Finding Normal said...

I tried not to look at the comments, but was glad when I saw the first had said they were hard. I have sucked at this game always. Rewind to 5th and 6th grade science when we read a magazine with these mystery pictures in the back. Never could figure them out, even after we knew the answers. Luckily I was teacher's pet (imagine that) and too busy refilling his coffee in the teacher's lounge for it to matter much.
Here are my pathetic guesses, which (shockingly) almost all revolve around food. I'm hungry. Sue me.
1. some type of nut. Or maybe a chocolate muffin.
2. popsicles + freezer burn
3. a pickle
4. cat fur
5. chicken nuggets
6. your dusty table
7. one of Claire Bear's bears.

How did I do? 0 for 7 is my guess. Although I feel fairly confident about your dusty table. :)

Caroline said...

Cute idea.

1. GI-normous coffee beans
2. jacked up candy corn (it was my first thought)
3. kiwi
4. jose
5. chicken nuggets
6. hardwood floor
7. dried up corn cob

enjoy the laugh you get from all my misinterpretations!

Missy said...

I have to say these are hard!!!!
Please do not laugh
1. ???? the metal part over the tractor wheel
2. some kind of candy
3. saran wrap
4. hair of an animal
5. chicken nuggets
6. wooden top of a table
7. ???? I seriously have no idea!

sippycupsandblackberries said...

I have absolutely no clue. I mean NONE!!! That is way to hard...

Gaspegirl said...

These are far from easy my friend!! But here is my guesses:

1. Coffee Beans
2. I am really not sure about this one... a skirt maybe?
3. Doll's dress or maybe cutains... looks like these cool curtains that I bought for dd's room!
4. Hair ... is that good enough or do I need to say whose?
5. I am so stealing everyone elses answers for this one because I was not sure at all - Dog food?
6. This has to be a floor or a table... wood none-the-less
7. My guess for this is either a scarf or mittens?

Thanks for the game...
that was fun!

Make it a great day!

Lula! said...


You win. These were the hardest ever. I'm not even going to attempt guesses. 'Cause last week I thought Rhea had maggots in her house. And she didn't.


Poetikat said...

I recognize kibbles - since I have 4 cats, and number 6 is all too familiar - hardwood with a stain on it, but the others are baffling.


Tiffany T said...

1. Nuts
2. Toothbrush
3. Plant
4. Cat
5. Cat food
6. Wood
7. Corn cob

I think I might have a shot by being as little detailed as possible!

Great game!!


Jennifer said...

Wow, this is so not easy! You did good and I don't have a clue, but I'll give it a shot I guess! Coming over from SITS by the way!
1. really no clue...looks like a wood something! LOL
2. part of a curtain maybe, again don't know!
3. Fruit-kiwi maybe?!
4. hair from something-don't know if it's animal or human! LOl
5. Looks like dog food
6. wood floor?
7. Looks kinda like a honeycomb or something! Wow, easy...who were you kidding!!

Blarney said...

My head hurts too much to play ... lack of sleep last night but I thought I'd tell you the snaps of your kids enjoying the fall weather were absolutely wonderful!

Lindsay said...

How FUN! Except I have NO clue what some of them are...
I saw hair and cat/dog food, maybe a fruit or veggie and some popourie at the bottom? Wow that was harder than I thought. I'm going to have to try this one on my blog! Have a great day!!

carrielt said...

Holy cow I have no idea what any of those are. Maybe a pineapple on the last one. Otherwise I'm clueless.

Rhea said...

OMG, these are so NOT easy. Good job!! I'm going to go wild and just do some free association with these, because when I have this contest, the most fun I have reading comments are the wild guesses that are totally wrong. lol

1. Leather testicles on a really old guy.
2. SpongeBob's teeth.
3. A really nasty booger
4. My newly discovered facial hair
5. The chicken nuggets I dicovered under a car seat from two weeks ago
6. my wooden leg
7. crusty head flakes

Hope I managed to gross you out.

Danette said...

I'm not even going to try and guess, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your 5 year old "big" boy. I think you commented once on my blog that your son has the same birthday as my girls do! They're growing up way to fast!! Oh and I never did thank you for the awesome JD tractor cake pan info!!! Thanks!

jacknlexzmom said...

I wanna play

4.pet hair
6.wood floor
7.lettuce of some sort

Brandy said...

LMAO...I'm laughing so hard about the butt comment that I cannot concentrate on the pictures. No guesses for me!

Legal Diva said...

Wow... not easy. Not at all.

1. beans
2. candle
3. aloe
4. pet fur
5. nuggets
6. wood
7. corn cobs

I'm sure I'm not even close... I can't wait to see the answers!

Just us Five said...

what are those things??? I am so not even gonna guess because I know I am way off!!
But I cant wait to see what the answers are!

Just us Five said...

what are those things??? I am so not even gonna guess because I know I am way off!!
But I cant wait to see what the answers are!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

1.Umm...old pumpkins?
3.Something taken out of someones intestine?
4. hair
5. chicken nuggets
6.wood table
7.Something shedding its skin?

Z's Mom said...

Ok, I have NO idea what those pictures are....but Little Miss is CRACKING me up!!!!

Minyo said...

These are not easy...
1. pumpkin??
2. pencils hiding behind something?
3. kiwi (I say confidently)
4. close up of your dog
5. close up of the dog's food
6. wood grain
7. corn cob (I say this one confidently, too)

I'm curious to see the answers! I like trying to figure these out :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

So NOT easy! I always show up too late for Rhea's, too. Here are my wild guesses:
1. nuts
2. crap, I got nothin'
3. celery?
4. hair
5. chicken nuggets
6. a makeup brush
7. yet again, I got nothin'

Becky said...

I think you think they are easy because you know the answers....

Finding Normal said...

So what the hell are they already???