Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching Up

Don't you love getting awards? It's such a nice little treat to perk up your day. I was kindly given this award...that while super in Spanish. I assume it means something kind and wonderful. Although since I can't remember who gave it to might say something mean and nasty. ;) I am passing this award on to Blarney.

I also got this little beauty from Becky at Elephant Juice. If you haven't been to her blog, you should check it out. She has weekly Friend's trivia questions that are super tough! Go play. I am passing this award on to Rhea at Texas Word Tangle!

This little cutie came from Mamarazzi. She has the cutest blog...I just love the dandelions. And she tells great stories with her pictures. I shall pass this one on to June at Bye, Bye, Pie..although she will probably never find out because I am a major stalker. But seriously...she is so freaking funny. Love her...even though I can't actually bring myself to say puffy heart love. That makes me throw up a little.

I got this cute little award from Blarney. She needed help with her son's school project so I helped her out a bit. She is supermom and took her son to a museum just to see examples of the project he was to make. How awesome is that?! If you want to see the project, click here. I will give this award to Sassy Stephanie at Our Piece of Quiet.
Could we pause for a moment and discuss these awards? I mean...who comes up with them? Who makes them? Not that I don't appreciate them...I do. I totally do. But I have seen few awards that are mistake free. Okay, the Spanish one might be okay. My Spanish is a little rusty...too rusty to remember how to conjugate verbs. But "For the coolest blog I ever know." What IS that?! And I despise words spelled incorrectly on purpose. Kreativ blogger? What's wrong with Creative? It wasn't even spelled incorretly to "match" another word like Krispy Kreme. Don't even get me STARTED on Krispy Kreme. But I disgress...
I was also tagged by Dysfunctional Mom and Shelley to share 7 random things about myself. Let's see if there's anything random left to share.

1. I have a walk-in closet that's too messy to walk in.

2. I now have a garage door with an opener for the first time in my life. And I LOVE it.

3. I have no idea what I have bought everyone for Christmas or what I still need to buy. See number 1.

4. I have never, ever watched any of the traditional Christmas movies, like It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th St. I don't have anything against them, I just have never taken the time to watch.

5. If I finish a book and don't have anything new to read, I will re-read books over and over. My favorite books to re-read? All things Harry Potter and anything by Carl Hiaasen.

6. I broke the heel off one of my new pairs of shoes after wearing them 3 times. Hmpf.

7. I am addicted to buying new pens, notebooks, planners, address books...and most recently? To-go coffee cups. I just can't help myself. When the kids were little? I was addicted to buying different kinds of sippie cups. I swear we owned every kind available.

Now I tag

ChelleD at Surviving it All

Kimmyj at The Cottage Cafe

Tristan at Tristan Time

This ridiculously long post is now over. You are free to go.

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Finding Normal said...

As if I have 7 things that no one knows. I'll have to think on that pretty hard!

lindanuts said...

I'm with you, I think. To me, comments are all the award necessary. And then to see where some bloggers display all their awards---all I can say is that I'm not impressed. They make you feel obligated to pass them on and say flowery things about blogs when you would rather be reading another blog to find out what is going on in their lives. I mean, I check the blogs because I've grown to like these people that I may never meet but nonetheless, care for.
I like your blog, Angie. I like to read about the little peasant girl and the farm boy. I enjoy the stories you relate about trips and hectic days at school or out & about. I love the dog stories. I come here because I want to.

Tristan said... MUST watch miracle on 34th is my all time fav. christmas movie..both versions (there are 2, incase ya didn't'lll hopefully get to that tag later tomorrow!

Kat said...

I LOVE Hiaasen. He is just so warped. Works well with my sense of humor. I even met him a few years ago - and he signed my Skinny Dip book.

You ought to try Christopher Moore. He might be even stranger than Hiaasen!

nikkicrumpet said...

I just checked out the wedding...that table with the roses...AMAZING!! And I'm laughing about the dog issues...hey at least it wasn't projectile poop like in my recent post! And You have great taste in books...I LOVE Carl Hiassen. He is so freaking funny! I've read all his books...and wish he'd write faster! I even read Hoot which was a kids book...and I still loved it!

Blarney said...

Hi Dear & Thanks for the award! Been MIA lately ~ holiday craziness here.
Hope you ahve a great week!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards!!!

Our closets must look the same....I have to go through mine tonight so I can wrap gifts and see what else I need.

I just bought the new Rowling tonight.......Tales of Something or other.....I too like to reread Harry Potter....they just never grow old.

sassy stephanie said...

Awwww shucks. Thanks so much. I'm sportin' it on my Sassy bling page.

For a funny, click on my Pirate Booty award and read it's origin. Hilarious.