Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few things

Today marks the first official day of Christmas vacation and all I have to say is...PHEW! We made it halfway! We were all in need of a break and thankfully it is here. The kids were absolutely nuts yesterday! The only quiet time I experienced was for an hour and 45 minutes thanks to Ron Howard and Jim Carrey.

A sure sign we needed a break? At the end of the day Thursday I asked some trivia questions during the last 2 minutes of the day.

The question was:
In which country are the cities of New Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), and Calcutta located?
The answer I got from one of my 5th graders?
Moving on.
We had a gorgeous sunset the other evening. I managed to snap a couple pics. These were straight out of the Picniking! Beautiful, right?

Saturday mornings are pretty relaxed around our house. Here is Cole watching cartoons in his jammies at about 7:30. Normal, right?
Here's Little Miss taken at the exact same time. And can I just tell you this is her THIRD outfit of the day? And it is complete with a bra, tights, tap shoes, and 2 purses. Princess, much?

Could someone please warn my husband that I have cramps reminiscent of early labor with my first born? It woke me up at 4:30 this morning. And my Advil was in the car and it was cold outside. And I was too lazy to go get it. It's much easier to sit here and whine to you good people.

I am considering getting dressed and heading to the Big City for a little more shopping and lunch at the Chik-Fil-A. I thought this would be a winning idea with the children. I got nothing but flack. Cole's response, "I don't like that playground. I don't think it's very safe for kids to play on."
Sheesh. Since when is a 5 year old boy supposed to be concerned with safety? If you ask me, he's just a little too "busy" tending to his livestock.

I do have Monday and Tuesday "off" as the kids are going to daycare. I plan on finishing shopping, having a marathon wrapping session, and getting the house cleaned. Really clean...not just picked up. After Tuesday the kids and I will be off until Jan. 4th. So Tuesday is my last chance at a clean house for 2 weeks.
Are you braving the stores this weekend? Any last minute shopping that needs to be done?

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Z's Mom said...

They are so cute.....her 3rd outfit, huh? Ok, I'm cool with my boy then. ;) Those sunset pics are great. I think Cole is wise beyond his years....

I have just a couple of tiny gifts to get and just a couple to wrap still...then I'm DONE!!!! Enjoy your days off....wish I had some of those house needs it!!!

Lindsay said...

Those sunset pictures are AMAZING! You don't see ones like that very often. Have fun braving the shopping madness. I finally finished on Thursday, and all I can say is, "Thank the Lord!" Wrapping, though, is another story...

koopermom said...

I love the party dress at 7:30 am. She is going to be such a diva!!
I was hoping to finish all my shopping today, but we are of course, in the middle of a blizzard. I think I'm going to be hauling it the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Fun.

Michelle said...

Too funny, I can't believe she'd already had on three outfits. A true girly girl through and through. Shopping or cartoons, did you really think there was a contest?? lol! AND-those places aren't in Wisconsin? Hmmm...;)I'll go with you shopping and Chik-fil-a. I LOVE chik-fil-a!
Love the sunsets...beautiful! If you get your house all clean, head on over, my cleaning fairy has still never made an appearance.
I'll pray for your hubs, that the wicked cramps don't creep up on him!! Have a GREAT Christmas and break!

Finding Normal said...

Oh Claire. You are a diva. Your mother has no chance with you. I foresee very large shopping bills in your teenage future. You will have to convince Aunt Susie to take pity on your diva soul. And a BRA? Is she nuts?!?!

No shopping here. Lots and lots of wrapping. If you want company in the big city today, let me know! And safety? HA! The germophobe in me is terrified of those playgrounds, but I don't think you worry about that.

Noah told me last night that he could not TOLERATE something. What 3 year old uses that word? Our kids are all so weird!

Finding Normal said...

And that's funny about Wisconsin because I had already sent my hooligans out and was walking by, telling Alexis "INDIA". Obviously she didn't get it. Hmmmm. Curious.

I do have Kohl's cash to spend, but am I insane enough to go in there today???

Shelley said...

Wow, she's right up there with my little one in changes.
Thankfully, I have completed the shopping. I'm sick of it. I hate to shop for anything....good luck on Monday and Tuesday. We go back on the 6th.

Kat said...

I just sent my husband and girls out the door to go to lunch and buy me Christmas gifts. I am supposed to be wrapping. But here I sit reading blogs and wondering if I should do take out Chinese just for me...

And I have a feeling that I'll be back at the stores later today.

Kat said...

OH...and I almost forgot to mention the India thing. My students make me crazy too. On our last day of classes, I passed out envelopes for them to address so that I could mail grades to them. Not one of my middle schoolers knew how to address an envelope...

Sidney (Sixy Mama) said...

OK, Little Missy is so reminiscent of my oldest daughter when she was that age. I seriously put a lock on her closet door because she would change so many times a day!

I'm just completely jealous of the fact that you'll have a CLEAN house over break...I am off from daycare, but then add my six hooligans at home 24/7, two of them are teenagers, one is preteen...well, you get the picture....we went to WM today to pick up some groceries...$200 later (thanks, Mom!), and Mom said, "Well, this should last for a couple of days...."

Rhea said...

Cole's playground comment is hilarious. I wonder who he heard that from?

The trivia question answer was scary. Wisconsin, really?! Yikes. I don't know if my son would have gotten the right country, but he wouldn't have guessed a state inside the U.S....I hope.

derfina said...

Gorgeous sunset pics!

Jamie said...

That Wisconsin comment is tooo funny (I'm from Wisconsin)! Awesome sunset picture! I'm a new follower and I've added you to my google reader too. I really like your blog A LOT!