Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Current Thoughts

Shopping is (finally!) finished.

The gifts are wrapped.

It is freezing raining. (Freezing rain? Raining freeze? Freeze raining?)

I bought a new coffee maker and am currently sipping chocolate truffle coffee. Yum.

One of my favorite winter drinks? A mug of hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint schnapps. Top it off with a chocolate covered peppermint stick...so delicious!

Tomorrow we will bake and decorate sugar cookies for Santa.

I bought gingerbread house kits on clearance for $3.00 at Wal-Mart. Wish me luck.

I am really hoping I will win P-Dub's camera.

My sister saw Coolio at a Barnes & Nobles in Hawaii on her honeymoon earlier this week.

You can now walk into my walk-in closet. Well, you can't. But I can. I guess you could if you wanted to. Just stay out of my underwear drawer.

January 1 is my blogiversary. Not really sure how to spell that. My IRL BFF Deb is holding a giveaway to celebrate hers around New Year's Eve. I think I will steal that idea. Stay tuned for pics of the giveaway goodies. And tell your friends.

Speaking of giveaways, if any of you see Tiffany at Alabama Redhead Adventures please tell her I haven't forgotten that she won the "What the H is it?!" contest. I promise her prize will be in the mail soon.

Little Miss is currently under the computer desk in full-on princess garb untying my shoes. Or more likely, tying them together. Now Jose has joined her. Now it's time to dust the house. Remember how I thought I was going to get the entire house cleaned today on my day off? Yeah. Didn't happen. Go figure.

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Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Love the new layout...

She is so darn cute! Now you need to teach her how to rub those feet..lol!! (later in life, she so won't want to touch your feet!)

Kat said...

My shopping is done. My gifts are mostly wrapped. Except for the couple that will arrive tomorrow. Can I tell you how much I love Amazon prime?

And prizes? I am ready for my contest karma to come around...

I LOVE your new layout.

sassy stephanie said...

If our paths ever cross, you have to have Claire with you. I so wanna squeeze those juicy cheeks!

Your coffee sounds so yummy. Think I will go make a pot. I have not wrapped one stinkin gift yet.

lindanuts said...

I love dark hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps!!!! It's called a 'Girl Scout Cookie'. (ex-bartender) But coffee is a big fave, too!
Looks as though some of that cleaning time was spent putting on a new layout. You are GUUD!!!
Have fun making cookies. I envy you, having little ones for Christmas. Claire is so adorable......

swile67 said...

okay i just loved the post of your son in his pj's and your daughter all decked out in her finest attire- VERY CUTE!! you're in for some fun teenage years!! have a good break from school, i know i am enjoying it:) God bless and Merry Christmas!

Finding Normal said...

Love the new look! Mine will stay Christmas-ey until next week since the fam will be here this weekend. UGH.
I baked the cookies tonight, and we're decorating them tomorrow. Market Day kit. Love it!
Good luck with the gingerbread. If nothing else, they were cheap and worth an hour of entertainment. Or cursing. Whichever.
I would love that camera, not least because it was PW's. Good luck!
Can't wait to hear all about the giveaway!

Columbia Lily said...

ok that daughter of yours is so cute!!! and I love the new layout! I am doing a week of giveaways next week, stop on by!

Rhea said...

Stay warm in that freezing rain!

I wanna win P-Dub's camera too.

Tristan said...

It is freezing rain here too...lol..do you live in indiana?
As for the gingerbread house...we used wood glue..they never stay together!

Tiffany said...

My Christmas is now complete with a oic of that girl. So yummy.

Do you change your blog layout weekly? Love it.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm coming to party with you. I want one of those Favorite Winter Drinks. Oh.My.God!

Maternal Mirth said...

Well, duh. Untying shoes is what princesses do. *That* and hang out with Chihuahuas.

Deanna said...

OH! Look at that cute little face! She could give me that look and tie my shoes together any day!

Merry Christmas!