Saturday, November 8, 2008

Can you handle the random?

It's been a few days and I have lot to share. Ready?!

My sister stayed with us Friday night. Hubby and I went out to dinner with my cousin and her husband. Had a great meal and even better pina coladas at their house. Then the salad bar gave me major heart burn and we had to leave.

The kids marvel at Aunt Susie's long hair and love to help her brush it. Well, Claire loves to brush it. Cole said, "Susie, you need a haircut!" and then he immediately put something to her head. She freaked for a second thinking it was scissors. Luckily it was just a plastic saw. Cole liked "brushing" it with random tools. She had her second wedding shower yesterday. She got LOTS of fantastic gifts and had PLENTY of help opening them.
The kids were very well behaved and played nicely with the niece-in-law. She's a downtown Chicago city girl so she really hasn't had much experience playing with so much farm equipment. Cole and Claire were eager to teach her.

The kids brought along Mr. Potato head to play in the car. They decided to become Potato Head kids.

Jackie the Cow is evil. My Starbucks closed Friday. *moment of silence* The kids and I ran in after school to get my last drink. A BIG drink. I didn't have any on the ride home. I wanted to savor and enjoy every last drop. I was carrying stuff from the car into the house and left the car door open. When my sister pulled in, Jackie ran out of the car. The entire VENTI cup of coffee was empty. It had spilled all over my new car. The car we do not eat nor drink in. The car I obsessively keep clean. It got on the floor mat, floor board, my TENNIS SHOES, and the seat. I was SO mad. My sister cleaned it up for me and doesn't smell like pumpkin spice latte anymore. Thanks, Fart.

Jose is always cold. It's a blustery 39 degrees here today. He shivers when he isn't under a blanket. Grandma thought this poncho might make him feel better. He didn't mind wearing it at all. Might have to invest in a sweater for him. Sheesh. I NEVER thought I would own a dog that required a sweater.

The other day I was busy. Okay, I was on the computer but I am SURE it was important work. Little Miss asked me if she could have yogurt. I muttered, "Yes." Then she came out with 4 containers of yogurt, all opened, with a spoon in each one...very pleased with herself. Me? Not as pleased.

I am enjoying a lazy Sunday. We had breakfast at a new little diner this morning. I picked up a little bit, got some laundry done. We ran errands. Now I am going to make a pot of chili and soak in a bubble bath. I am sure I will have an audience.

Oh, and I changed things up around here. Whatcha think?

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Blarney said...

I like it ~ seasonable and cute as all dickens!
I am all over the hair brushing from the kids ... so relaxing!
Stop by next week, I got a little Blarney Home series/fest going on. See you there!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to begin...the potatoe heads had me cracking up, the "almost cutting off the hair" had me cracking up, the sweater for the dog had my dying, since I now have a dog that wears clothes, and also never thought I would...but I think the winner HAS to be the yogurt, I mean four spoons, four different containers, that rocks! LOL

Denise said...

I love your new Thanksgiving banner. And I feel so bad that you lost your coffee....I too would mourn that loss. Plus cleaning coffee out of a car sucks...I know because I have done it. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Pics of the kiddos adorable, as usual. Little Miss and the 4 yogurts, she has such a mischievous look on that little chubby cheeked face lol.
I love the long hair on new brides, it's always fun to see how quickly they cut it after the first kiddo arrives.

Maternal Mirth said...

I heart the new layout ... but then again you could have nothing but photos of my lovely Little Miss and I would come around just to admire her cherubic cheeks and sigh at the cuteness :)

Mrs4444 said...

Aunties are so much fun! And I love how kids are so into the "process" and forget about the product; too cute.

More importantly, how do YOU like the new layout?

Columbia Lily said...

I like your new background and header, I am a sucker for stripes. Very classy.

Finding Normal said...

Love it! Look at little baby Claire with the paci! LOL
I can't believe Jackie is still amongst the living. I hope you at least went and got another venti whatever it was.
And Jose in a sweater? HILARIOUS. Love the potato head pics too.
And while I do enjoy the randomness, I really think this was worthy of 4 separate posts.
Hope that heartburn isn't a sign of a bun in the oven.
(duck and run)

Caroline said...

Love the new look! Very appropriate, and your little turkeys are cute.

That was a full load of randomness, but it was beautiful - except for the part where you said your Starbucks closed and that Jackie the Cow spilled your huge drink on your new car. A pox on them both!

John Deere Mom said...

I do have cute turkeys, don't I?!That was a lot of randomness...I agree. But I don't think I would have remembered everything long enough for separate posts. And I do love a good random post.
Mrs. 4444-I LOVE my new look. Love the stripes and was glad to find some that I could tweak a bit to fit the header I made. I plan on starting a Christmas one ASAP.
Maternal Mirth-I took the cutest pic of Little Miss tonight. Can't wait to share it. Lots of cheeky goodness.
Deb-I can't believe how long she took the paci and how much of a baby she looked like earlier this year!
I did not replace my Starbucks. Damn dog.
Lynette-The yogurt? Yeah...she thought she was so cute with all her spoons ready...except they were ALL FOR HER!!!
Blarney-I'll be by this week! Can't wait to see what you have going on!

Tiffany T said...

I gotta say it...the poncho rocks!!!

Kat said...

I think that my kids wore their Mr. Potato Head stuff way more than the spud ever did. But as long as they were's a good thing.

I am so sorry about your beloved Starbucks. And about your coffee. And your car. Is Jacki still in hiding?

Winter said...


I found your post by google blog searching for Starbucks closures.

Can you tell me which Starbucks closed on Friday so I can update my list on my website:

Can you e-mail



Tinabean said...

I love all of the crazy randomness, sometimes those are the best posts.
I love your cute little turkeys and your new blog design.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love the random! I also love your new header, the potato kids, and Little Miss's expression in the yogurt pic. lol!
I have little bitty dachshunds and they shiver when they get the slightest bit cold, too. I think it's a small-dog thing (or an attention-seeking thing!!).

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures....the potato head kids are great! Poor cold Jose.....yes, buy the little guy a sweater!!! ahahaha

Sorry about your Starbucks....that sucks. And, sorry about your yogurt!

Jonny's Mommy said...

The dog thing...I bought a sweater for mine and he was in it once. He looked so pathetic and sad. Now Hubby won't let me do it anymore.

He is a Jack Russel, chihuahua mix. They shiver all the time. Poor little things.

Love the randomness.

Sorry about the Starbucks.

Rhea said...

The open yogurt containers crack me up. My Remy used to eat those...and leave them all over the house for me to find. Drove me nuts.

I always thought owners of little dogs were nuts to dress up their dogs...but then I eventually figured out that it was often to keep the little dogs WARM!!

Your sister has beautiful hair. I love that Cole brushed it with a saw. And I'm glad you got out for the night.

The coffee in the car is awful. I've spilled an entire chai tea before and cried. Seriously, those things are expensive.

~aj~ said...

The Potato Head pictures are perhaps the cutest things I've ever seen. Love those!