Saturday, January 5, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away

So, this morning I think I can sneak off for a few minutes to take a bath, complete with my new Bath and Body Bubble Bath. Kids are occupied, all is well with the world. The SECOND my daughter hears the bath water, she drags her Princess chair right in front of the tub exclaiming, "I want to watch you." GGGGGRRREAT.

Why is it momma's only moment of relaxation is the most entertaining thing in the house at that moment? Kids...sheesh.
For those of you wondering why I have a camera in the tub with me, let me explain. There's no kinky stuff going on. My darling daughter pulls this stunt everytime I go in to take a bath. So this time, I was prepared. :)

"Need any help, Mom?"

"Don't worry about me, Mom. I will be RIGHT here if you need anything."
"Will you paint my toenails since you're not doing anything?"

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Christy said...

Omg...that is TOO funny!!!

Z's Mom said...

That is hilarious! I know exactly how you son follows me into the bathroom all the time. If its not him, its the dog or the cats. Sometimes, they are ALL in gets very cramped!