Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coming Up For Air

Going back to school this week was a slap back to reality. No more sleeping in until 6:30. (Yes, that's sleeping in around here.) No more staying in pajamas all day. No more blogging anytime I feel like it.

I was so busy this week I didn't know if I was coming or going. Monday was a teacher work day. I LOVE those days. I got so much done. My desk was clean and free of piles. Everything was organized and put in its proper place. I made a goal right then and there to grade papers immediately, record them, and pass them back. No more piles. No more tossing things onto my desk.

Yeah, right.
That lasted about 2 hours on Tuesday. Then I was right back to my old ways. *sigh*
We had ice and snow this week. It didn't last long, so we enjoyed it while we could.

You might wonder why there are no pictures of Cole in the snow. Apparently Daddy "ruined everything" so he sat on the porch pouting.
I told my mom a few weeks ago that I thought Claire needed new snow boots. Um, yeah. I found 9 pairs of boots in her closet.

Grandma got this little princess desk for a steal. $3.00!! Little Miss was very impressed and got down to business coloring, all the while admiring herself in the mirror.
Notice Claire's room. Pretty well picked up. Granted, you can only see a small part of it, but take my word for it. It was clean. Was being the operative word.
This morning while I tried to clean my own room, the kids were playing nicely and quietly in Claire's room. So quiet, in fact, that I resisted the urge to check on them just because they were getting along and not fighting and I was getting something accomplished.
Not only is it now a mess, but large pieces of furniture were moved. Apparently the "puppy" needed a clubhouse set up in the corner of her room. So after cleaning my room, I set out to fix this room. *sigh*

The kids discovered that the middle part of the couch pulls down to reveal cupholders.

This week includes more of the same. I am looking forward to next Monday when the kids and I are off for MLK Day. And I certainly wouldn't mind a 2 hour delay or a snow day this week. What about you? Anything exciting to look forward to this week? Are you too busy to keep up? Any snow where you are?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love picture days on the farm!

No, we haven't had anything but flurries everything just looks dead and dreary and its ice cold....but nothing else. Boring!

I'm looking forward to being off on MLK day too....yaaay!!!!

cupcake said...

I want a princess desk just like that, and i want to put it in my classroom.

What do I look forward to this week? Friday, about 12:15, when finals are over and I don't have to teach this semester's Geniuses EVER AGAIN.

I want that desk. Like, seriously.

sandy said...

The pictures are great! We had snow all day yesterday and overnight. Today we had a blast playing outside. The kids are hoping for a delay tomorrow, I could live without it;)

sassy stephanie said...

Man, waking to a regular schedule again this week about killed me. I have been dragging all week.

I love that "noodle" house!

Smoochiefrog said...

I always had the messiest desk in the school when I taught. *I* knew where everything was though. :)

Well even though they made a mess, at least they were playing quietly. :)

Betty said...

I thought we were the only ones who had to wake the kids before 6 for school! But I guess after a while they get used to it.
Great pic´s of the ice!

Christie said...

I just found your blog -- very cute! We are a farming family, too!

Kat said...

I am excited about the prospect of sending my youngest out the door without drama.

And snow. Here? Only in our dreams...

Danielle said...

LOVE your icecicle pictures! I can feel the cold in them!!

Finding Normal said...

I don't know when you got all that ice and snow. We didn't here.
That IS a huge deal about the couch! Instant divider, a place to put one's sippy, perhaps even a snack. I love it!
I'm NOT looking forward to 5 days in my room this week. Looking forward to Noah's bday, even though Shawn will be gone. McD's for dinner, probably. I'm thinking about doing a movie date with Noah on Wed or Thur.
It was snowing as I left Wally World tonight. I don't think it'll accumulate, so I'll plan to see you in the AM.

Columbia Lily said...

no more snow, but we've had more rain than we know what to do with...again....sigh. 5 days of school, but I was a good teacher and graded this weekend, so I have no stuff to grade until finals in two weeks. Yea for me!!

C and C Mommy said...

We have Friday and Monday next weekend is a 4 day weekend!! We have our County Youth Show and then MLK day!! YIPPEE!!

Tristan said...

Love the pics!!

Rhea said...

I keep hoping we'll have a snow or ice day soon in our future.

Those snow boots are adorable! nine pairs, wow.

That is a cool cup holder feature on your couch!

lindanuts said...

Wow! 9 pairs of boots--on her way to being a shoe/boot diva, huh? I don't know a girl who isn't!
No big plans. d-i-l is having out-patient surgery so I will have the granddaughters Wednesday.

Miss Anne said...

sounds like a wonderful/relaxing weekend.

cool couch!

and 9 pairs of boots?

let the shoe fetish begin!


Coffee with Cathy said...

Hope your week turns out well. Love the pics of your kids -- so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Blarney said...

One can never have enough pink boots! Seriously, I am going to look into another pair right now ... no sense in going through life with only two pair. ;)

Tiffany said...

Puppies always need their own corner!

Judi said...

Cool desk. It looks like they had fun.

Tiffany said...

Coloring AND admiring yourself in the mirror? Claire has got the life.

And, Cole pouting that daddy ruined everything... muuuhahahahahaha... welcome to the weird age of boys where you would swear you're raising a teenage girl.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Cute, cute pix!!!! I know! It's so hard to get going again. Last week was tough, and today seemed longer than last week put together!!!

Lula! said...

You are so a woman after my own heart...
we PRAY for 2-hour delays.

Like tonight, when we're supposed to get "flurries," but the temp will be in the single digits. Oh, I need that 2-hour delay.

And some of Claire's snow boots, please.