Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What the heck is it...the answers!

First of all, you guys cracked me up with your guesses. I truly thought you were going to get nearly all of them right away.


Notsomuch. Marilyn and Rhea's guesses had me cracking up. I LOVED reading what everyone thought and realizing how "easy" they seemed to me because I KNEW what they were!

It's time to end the suspense. Here is the post with the original pictures if you would like to compare.

1. A few of you did guess this one correct! It was one of many enamelware dishes from my kitchen.2. Sarah was the only one to guess this one correctly. She must live in an old home too! It is a glass doorknob.
3. This one had everyone stumped. It is a cake candle! The greyish stuff on top came with the candle, I swear. It's not dust. Well, it's not all dust.

4. A handful of you got this one. It is my FAVORITE chapstick. I am addicted to it.

5. No one got this right. It's Cole's favorite food...butter bread. A staple in any good country home.

6. This one was tough. Most of you knew it was a beaded something. Although several guessed pomegranate seeds which I found fascinating. This is my Valentine's Day frame out right now complete with a pic of Cole's first Christmas.
7. This one really surprised me. So many guesses of weiners (hee hee) and folded sheets. No one guessed extension cord!
8. I thought this one was my one pic that everyone would guess correctly. Only 2 of you, Shelley and Delberta, did guess bag of potatoes!
9. Nope, not bubble wrap. Most of you guessed my pill pack correctly...maybe because I posted about losing them once before? Believe me...I guard them with my life now.

10. And my dirty little secret...the can opener. Sheesh. I had no idea how filthy and rusty this thing was until I saw the close-up picture. And despite Kat's best attempt at reassuring you all that such a filthy kitchen gadget would never be found in MY kitchen...Um, yeah. It's mine.

After tallying up the results, the person with the most correct guesses was MIKKI BLACK! Mikki is a fellow teacher and newcomer to John Deere Mom. Welcome, Mikki! Congrats!

Now quit staring at my dirty can opener, and go tell Mikki congratulations!

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Rhea said...

Congrats to Mikki!!

I don't think I got a single one right. Wow.

No alien pods?

Sarah said...

It it hilarious to see what the real answers were compared to my guesses. Too funny!

The Cookie Girl said...

that was fun. Congrats Mikki!
I only got one right. LOL

Karen said...

Congratulations, Mikki!!!

I'm just catching up on my blog reading, so I missed the original post to this. Not sure if I would have got any of them right !!!

Are you going to do another one of these??? It looks like fun :-)

Glad the kids are feeling better. Seems to be quite a tummy bug doing the rounds. Haven't seen any signs of it in this neck of the woods, as yet. Fingers crossed !!!

lindanuts said...

I got 2. That's 20% and better than I expected. I love these games. Refreshing and entertaining.
Congrats to Mikki!

Martha said...

You are so creative, John Deere Mom! I love the photo w/you and your babe, very sweet.

Finding Normal said...

Oh, Mikki, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind.

Hope you had a good day, all things considered. I did not. Remember last year when I cried in the principal's office? That was me, today, during art, talking about my favorite student and how I just cannot do it the way we've been doing it another day. We still have no answers. And I'm still crying.

FYI--you're kids know tomorrow is your birthday. Be prepared. ;) I spent some time talking to them in the hall today, and oh how I adore those 5th graders. So serious but so cute. Seriously. And your sub was supposedly scary, which means that she had some form of management. Yay!

Finding Normal said...

OMG look at my wrong you're up there. And that is a word wall word. I am truly ashamed.

Coffee with Cathy said...

So much fun! Do it again! Do it again!

Columbia Lily said...

So here's a funny story...Got a package in the mail today from someone whose name I did not recognize, from a state where I don't know the inhabitants therein and the entire way back to my apartment thoughts like "is it a bomb?" (I'm a teacher, it's finals week, it makes sense to me) wandered through my head. No idea who it was from, but I went back and opened find a John Deere bag staring up at me and I shrieked, "John Deere Mom!" and celebrated by opening up the truffle bag. REPEATEDLY. So thanks JDM!!!! You are amazing and I am so lucky! Look out Starbucks, here I come!!!!!! Thanks again

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

GREAT fun!!!!

Cassie said...

I'm just now catching up on my fav blogs! It was so much fun trying to guess what the pictures were!