Sunday, January 18, 2009

What the heck is that? Part 2

It's now time for America's favorite game...What the heck is that?!

Well, it's my favorite game, anyway.

Take a look at each of the 10 pictures below. See if you can figure out what the heck each picture is. Then put your answers in a comment. The person with the most correct answers gets...
well, nothing. But I will give you a big shout out and send people over for some comment lovin'. Deal?


4. Remember, this is a family friendly blog. Usually.

Good luck!

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Cynthiaa said...

2: a hubcap.
9: medicine pack.
10: drawer handle.

Marilyn said...

1. crime scene
2. deep sea creature
3. poop juice
4. diaphram
5. close up of my thighs
6. Grandma's arteries
7. fimo
8. DNA
9. party hats
10 can opener!!

Cassie said...

I'm awful at these types of things, here it goes;

1.Ink blots from the crazy doctor. (I see a weiner dog).
2. Disco light.
3. Fried egg w/pepper.
4. Glue stick.
5. Malto Meal.
6. Fishing wormy squiggly things.
7. A mouth stretched out.
8. A really cold blanket.
9. Empty pill dispenser.
10. I agree, can opener.

Anonymous said...

LOL I don't think I can top Marilyn's guesses.
1.Extremely fatty steak
3.yellow snow
4.some part of a sippy cup
5.Your chicken gravy
6.Beading on Little Miss's dress
7.Hot dogs
8.Potato bag
9.Pill packet
10.Part of your stove

Trina said...

I haven't a clue, but I've seen your blog listed on several others that I visit, and I finally got around to stopping by.

I too am a teacher--English 11 and 12--and I hate to grade, especially writing. (And with English, there is a TON of writing!!) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Starbucks. I have a card that automatically reloads when the amount drops below $20.

Your blog will be one of my favorites, I'm sure.

Jess @ NBP said...

1. painting
2. glass
3. dirty soap
4. cover of some sort
5. gravy
6. red candy
7. hot dogs
8. net
9. bubble wrap
10. can opener

Those are great photos. LOL

teachergirl said...

I just hope none of it is poop juice. I had to walk away before I could finish reading. Love you. Poop juice, not so much.

Rhea said...

1. cow hide
2. bottom of a vase
3. mashed potatoes
4. silicon thimble
5. more mashed potatoes
6. aliens egg pods
7. an female alien's hoohaa
8. more alien egg pods
9. alien love sacs
10.cherry pitter or alien torture device.

Sarah said...

Ok, I;ll give it a try

1.Artwork from your daughter
2.Glass dorrknob
3.Dirty yellow snow
5.scrambled egg
6. beading on a sweater
7.peeled carrots
8.netting from meat
9.gum packaging
10.a knob on your woodstove

John Deere Mom said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are cracking me up! I thought the last set of pictures I did were SUPER easy and ya'll thought they were insanely hard. I just knew you were going to get every single one of these. I have to say your answers are making me giggle like a school girl. Between Marilyn's thighs and Rhea's alien hoohaa...I am losing it over here. Keep 'em comin'!

Martha said...

Oh my goodness, I am too queasy to guess!

Kritta22 said...

1. Milk with Strawberry flavoring before stirred
2. inside a drinking glass
3. the mold on the edge of a tub
4. chapstick
5. ceiling
6. beads on a toy
7. cushions on a couch
8. candy wrappers
9. medicine holder things
10. faceut in your bathroom

Finding Normal said...

Let's see. I'm still braless in PJs and just had a brownie with ice cream, probably for dinner. With Noah. Who thinks dinner could not top this!
1. fingerpainting?
2. a glass bowl/vase
3. pancakes
4. hard boiled egg
5. gray cake?
6. very uncomfortable undies.
7. weiners
8. no clue
9. your pills. Don't lose em.
10. a knob on a dresser

amelia bedelia said...

ok. this is hard.
1. fingernail polish dried
2. metal something
3. gravy
ok, i suck.

Shelley said...

1. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry magic shell.

2. Water in a glass

3. Dirty crack sealing foam

4. Boiled egg

5. Oatmeal with waaaay too much milk in it.

6. Pomegrante seads

7. Folded sheets, napkins or something like that.

8. The bag that potatoes come in.

9. The mashed thingies that medicines come in

10. Looks like the cutting edge of a handheld can opener.

How'd I do? Huh? HUh?

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

1. Cowboys at the rodeo
2. Exploding Jiffy popped corn
3. Edge of my egg
4. What the doctor used
5. Gravy
6. Eye candy
7. Uncle Jim's chins
8. Pink Saturday Art
9. Crushed cans on the picnic table
10. Bobbin thingamajiggy on the sewing machine

Kat said...

These are insane. And I have no freakin' idea. On any of them. Of course that will not stop me from offering possiblilities.

1. Blood spatter.

2. The inside of the police photographers flash bulb

3. The soap they are going to use to clean up the blood.

4. a bottle nipple

5. hot wax

6. beads on a sweater

7. A stack of orange sheets.

8. a really loosly knit sweater.

9. smooshed lids.

10. dirty dials from a stove. Not your stove. But someone's dirty stove.

The Cookie Girl said...

Okay, I stink at this but I will try.
1. Red Paint spatter
2. metal bowl
3. Dirty Soap suds
4. Boiled Egg
5. Gravy
6.Beading on a dress
7. Folded Linens
8.Some kind of plastic
9. crushed metal on vinyl with blue stripe fabric background.
10. I agree....a can opener

Missy's Blog said...

1. Graniteware dish
2. Bottom of a glass bowl
3. Scrambled Egg
4. Ice Pop
5. Oatmeal
6. Beads
7. Carrotts
8. Rope of some sort
9. Smashed Cans
10. Tractor Part

Anonymous said...

Shoot! after reading the other guesses I know what they all are !! re-do's allowed?

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Well ~ we're waiting to hear! ;-) I'm sure everyone guessed 100%!

Mikki Black said...

JDM and Trina - I too teach (high school English), and I love it (and Starbucks), and I too hate the grading! I need a secretary/ grad school intern to do my grading.

JDM - I just stopped by from SITS to check out your blog, and I am super intrigued by your challenge!

Here goes nothing! Sheesh. This shouldn't be so hard, I just know it!

3.dirty bubbles
4.chapstick/lip gloss
5.linoleum (old linoleum)
6. sequins
7.Hot dogs
8.Plastic produce netting (around a melon, maybe?)
9. Empty pill carton
10. Can opener

Lula! said...

Ugh...I am drinking wine. I am not drinking wine now. 'Cause some of that stuff grossed me out.

You rock, though.

Teri said...

A little late, but here are my guesses:

1. a bowl
2. a balcony
3. bacon grease
4. push button
5. soap bubbles
6. pomegranate seeds
7. folded blanket
8. plastic wrapping around a piece of fruit
9. bubble wrap
10. faucet

Okay, I know I totally stink at this. Fun though!

Coffee with Cathy said...

Great idea! I can't concentrate enough to play -- watching inauguration news right now -- but love mentally trying to ID the pics. Looking forward to the answers!

lindanuts said...

1. enamelware
2. bottom of a glass dish
3. mashed potatoes
4. corner of an upside-down ice cube tray
5. cornbread
6. pomegranite insides
7. carrots
8. sweater
9. packet with pills popped out
10. the opener thingie on an electric can opener

where do you find the time to concoct all these awesome pictures?

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Okay, I too am not as clever as some of the above but here is my try.
1. the leather britches on a Woddy doll from Toy story.
2.close up of a diamond.
3.a jelly-belly or a granite counter top.
4.since diaphram has already been used I will go with chap-stick.
5. a really bad spackle job.
6. beading on something like a hand-bag.
7. folded sheets?
8. Weaving of some kind.
9. sewing snaps in their packaging.
10. can opener.

Okay, that was too much thinking but fun. I love these posts gets a person thinking.....

Gaspegirl said...

Boy I wish that I was as witty as some of the ladies who have responded already! I will give it a try too:

1. An, ummmm.... dunno! I see scrapings of sorbet in milk but I am sure that is not it!

2. This will be easier... it kinda looks like the center of those swing rides at the carnival... you know the view from your seat- up.

3. That looks like dirty snow... don't eat that stuff kids!

4. A bowl, upside down on a hardwood floor.

5. That looks like yeast rising... were you making bread?

6. Pomegrantes...

7. Weiners...

8. What the heck is that?? A really bad hair net?

9. Spoons, or bottle caps?

10. I will steal the answer of a can opener...

OK that was a really lame attempt... can't wait to see what they really were!