Friday, May 23, 2008


Mrs. 4444 gave me this totally awesome awesomeness award a couple weeks ago. I love her blog and think she is awesome too, so go check her out!

Now, if you haven't figured out just how awesome I am and don't believe Mrs. 4444 since she doesn't REALLY know me, go read my real life friend's blog. She thinks I am all that and a bag of chips. So much so she rallied my school to nominate me for an excellence in teaching award in our district. How freakin' crazy is that?! She sees an email sent in April or May which requires letter writing, thought, effort, etc. That is the end of the school year, people. No one wants to mess with that kind of stuff at the end of the school year. When you see that kind of email, you hit "DELETE." But she didn't. She organized several people (including all 48 fifth graders!) to write nomination letters. I couldn't be more thankful and grateful and overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. But the big question is...did I win?

You will have to read this to find out.

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Debbie said...

I had a loooong comment that just went to cyberhell.
Anyway, did you win anyTHING besides the prestige? I hope so! Oh, IF you won, since I want all of your readers to go to my blog to figure it out! LOL
Now you know why I wanted that PowerPoint to "show my kids to get them interested in Science Fair". Still can't believe you fell for that one, nor can I believe none of your 48 tattled on me, especially considering Parker told them the name of the award! Oh, and I had gotten your SASI password from Parker to email a few parents for their letters. Or do you already know all this?
Sorry to hear Cole's puking. Keep Claire away from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Mrs. Romero said...

Congratulations! Wow! I am so excited for you!
This is a big deal, let's have a drink. Or two.

Angie said...

Deb-What?! What did you need the Power Point for? I can't believe how sneaky you were! So when did you start this? I only knew parents sent letters because 2 of them stopped by my room to tell me after awards. How crazy! I can't believe that was going on behind my back and I didn't know! I haven't heard if I win anything or not. Although the $15 lottery ticket was pretty nice. Thanks!
Mrs. R-Thanks! I am pretty excited too! Drinks are on me!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

It sounds like you got what was coming to you! CONGRATS! :) I checked out your friend's site, and I'm glad you provided the link. You give us teachers a good name :)

Debbie said...

I put pics of your kids doing science experiments in the essay, silly girl! The full story is that I nominated you for a different award in March/April (and got a letter in early May saying they stupidly picked someone else), but then Darin et al got chewed out at the principal's meeting 2 weeks ago for NO ONE nominating for the Handley Award, so they all had to have a submission in by that Friday, so we tweaked what I'd already done, had the kids, parents, and other teachers write letters and voila!
I'll email you my essay, or print one out for you on Tuesday.
Have a great weekend! :)