Saturday, May 17, 2008


OMG! Could I be more excited? NKOTB performed a medley of their best songs on the Today Show. I did love me some Donnie. If you can ignore the pitchiness (okay, they're tone deaf) and the fact that they are now a 40 something boy band, it's pretty good.

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cupcake said...

Hold onto your bra straps: I met three of them, back when they really were NKOTB. I was a waitress at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, and one of our regulars owned a small yacht that he chartered. The New Kids hired out the yacht one night after their concert, and the boat owner asked a couple of us waitresses if we wanted to work the boat. I signed up, so I got to meet, um, everyone but the Wahlberg boy and the younger Knight brother. They were very nice boys, accompanied by their mothers. No drinking or drugging - just three boys, their moms, a couple of male flacks, out on a nice nighttime cruise.

Angie said...

Bra straps? On a Saturday morning? Surely you jest.
I bet the boys regret pissing their money away on yachts about now. Hence the "reunion" tour. Is that your only brush with "fame?" Me...I got nothing. Well, I did GO to a NKOTB concert...but didn't get close enough to even tell one kid from the next.

Debbie said...

That was a little painful--I only made it halfway through. I never was a huge fan, I was more of a metal girl in 8th grade. :)
I did think the youngest one was cute.