Friday, May 30, 2008

A little of this and that

I have another meal in the Crock Pot! Yes. 2 Crock Pot meals in one week. I got all PW-like (without the nice house and fancy camera) and took pics as I went. BUT, I am not posting them until I try this meal. I am sure it will be good, but to be honest I am a little nervous. The smell is...not my favorite smell. So, I have a pizza on stand-by if things go sour. I will let you know.

It's another wonderful summer break day. I started mowing while the kids played outside. Actually, they ended up standing on the front porch watching me for some time. Then they got bored and were inside watching TV. But, I ran out of gas! :( And although there are gas cans in the barn, I am a little hesitant about using them. These men around here tend to put strange things in containers so just because it LOOKS like a gas can, doesn't necessarily mean it contains gas. So, the lawn mower sits while I blog. Boy, was that a miserable, boring paragraph, or what?!

OOh. Exciting news. A lady from the place where my teaching award is coming from called today to get my SSN in order to "CUT THE CHECK!" Woo hoo. Bring on the check! Not sure how much it is for, but even 5 dollars would make me giddy.

Clay Aiken. Hmm. If this guy doesn't want to admit he's gay, then why would he AI a 50 year old woman? That might just get filed under, "Creepiest news of the week."

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Kat said...

What kind of teacher award did you win?! Congrats for whatever it is...especially as it involves a check!

Debbie said...

YAY for $$$!
Post the meal already. I will actually be forced to prepare food for 3 whole weeks. Notice I did not say cook, as in we'll be having sandwiches and salads and maybe, if I get fancy, a microed potato.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

yea I agree with the clay news! He use ot be so sweet... now really weird

Angie said...

Kat-I got a local excellence in teaching award for...well, teaching...excellently apparently. :) My good friend, Deb, nominated me. Very exciting!
Deb-Wait a minute. Preparing food for 3 weeks? At my house when husband is gone, there is no preparing of the food. And come to think of it, when he is home I am still preparing the food. No fair!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

I've got to share something with someone (I don't want to brag on my blog, but I have to tell you!); yesterday, I recieved an unexpected award myself! It's from the American Foundation of Counseling Services Treatment Foster Care Program in recognition of "exceptional service and support to children and families." Is that cool, or what?! Did you spend your money yet!?

Angie said...

Mrs. 4444-Yay for you! And wow...that is really long name of where the award came from! :) Doesn't it feel great to get recognized for doing your job? And finding out at the end of the school year is just the perfect way to end a year. Congrats!!!