Monday, May 19, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

That's right. I am blogging about mashed potatoes. Here goes.

Up until a few weeks ago, my only real experience with mashed potatoes came from a box. That's what we had growing up. That's the kind Mom made and I never had the opportunity or need to make real mashed potatoes.

That was until Pioneer Woman posted the recipe for those damn roasted garlic mashed potatoes. She ruined my life. Ruined my life. Because now I must have real mashed potatoes. I haven't used a flake since. And me and mashed potatoes go way back. I love potatoes of all shapes and sizes, but roasted garlic mashed potaotes? Hamana.

But do you know what a pain in the ass mashing potatoes is? Okay, the mashing part isn't TOO bad but the pealing takes forever. And it's messy. And time consuming.

So, when I spotted these at the grocery, I thought I would give them a try.

They are SO good. You must try them right now. While I will still make real mashed potatoes for special occasions and on all those days when I have tons of free time, these Bob Evans mashed potatoes have replaced the box of flakes in my cabinet. (Well, they really need to be refrigerated, but you get the idea.)

What are you doing still reading? Go buy these mashed potatoes!

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Debbie said...

I still can't believe you're a mashed novice. I make all kinds of mashed with different mix-ins. Love them! I have made PW's yet, but need to! My goal for this summer (besides staying sane since Shawn just told me tonight he'll be gone the first 3 weeks of June) is making potato salad.

Heather said...

You are like the bo-jillionth person to say her potatoes are amazing. Are you peeling them with a knife or a vegetable peeler? Having asked that, I must say that I avoid making real potatoes (because it's a pain) and haven't made her's based solely on the fact that while I have four kids younger than hers, I still don't have time to make anything from scratch and I don't run a ranch or homeschool.

That was a really long and confusing sentence. Still on the first cup of coffee.

I will try these potatoes you recommend because I am also tired of flakes but will be DARNED if I'm going to roast a head of garlic to put in my potatoes.

Kat said...

PW has me cooking all kinds of things I would never have cooked. Like Apple dumplings. Have you made those yet? Make sure you use reduced fat crescent rolls like I makes all the difference.

I never make real mashed potatoes. I do get new potatoes and boil them. My husband has issues with potato flakes. But I sneak them in when we have shepherd's pie. Shhhh...don't tell. Wonder if he would go for the Bob Evans version. Why won't people like Bob Evans pay us for blogging about their products?

Mrs. Romero said...

I love mashed potatoes, but Josh, the boot camp Nazi says NO. So, I will just live vicariously through you.

BTW: I tagged you!

Angie said...

Yes, peeling potatoes is an enormous pain. I use a vegetable peeler, but it's still too time consuming for me. Bob Evans...3 that's my kind of cooking! Oh, and you MUST roast the garlic the next time you make real mashed potatoes and follow PW's recipe.
When you buy the Bob Evans potatoes, pick up the Mac and Cheese too. Your kids will thank you. Your hips? Not so much.
Josh the boot camp Nazi would take one look at me and wonder why I was even looking at a potato much less consuming it. It's not so much the potato though, as the cream cheese, half and half, butter...oh man. I gotta go!

Mrs. Romero said...

Hey Angie,
I couldn't find your email address on the blog, but wanted to add you to my blog roll. Email me at is that's okay with you!

Sheri said...

Sooo . . . PW has totally ruined me. And the mashed potatoes??? The worst part about being a single girl is the leftovers. 'Cause I grew up learning to cook for a family of 4, and I'm just one, and it's a good thing my dog likes leftovers!

Roasting the garlic was a hysterical event. Esp. when my friend came over after they came out of the oven and noted, "It looks like you're popping a big 'ole zit." Yeah. Took me a minute to re adjust and still eat them!!! Still yummy, and homemade are the ONLY way to go!!!