Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Spy the Answer!

I know you're all dying to know where the paci is. I apologize if I kept you up all night wondering. You won't have to worry your pretty little head tonight, though. Here it is!That was fun! I am sure my kids will create more messes with which we can play. The good thing is, each type of toy has its own tub or drawer so clean up is surprisingly quick. There's a tub for blocks, toy box for large equipment, basket for medium equipment, then there is a 3 drawer cart for animals (top drawer), attachments (middle drawer), and 1/64 tractors (bottom drawer.) I do love a good organizational system!

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Kat said...

I thought I had spied the paci, but I was mistaken. I thought it was that black circle - with what I thought was a silicone nipple over on the left side. Oh, well.

So...what crockpot recipe have you tried? Are you going to post about your trials and tribulations so I'll know which to try and which to avoid?

beth - total mom haircut said...

Wow, I so did not catch that! Must be because neither of my kids took to the paci ("Baba" in my house), much to my dismay.

Debbie said...

But are the drawers LABELED???

Angie said...

Kat-There was a lot going on in that picture! LOL. I am going to post the recipes I try for all to enjoy!
Beth-Thanks for stopping by! My son took a paci through 4 months, then he wanted no part of it. My daughter, on the hand, is obsessed with it. Not sure when to work on that. They have/had her on no paci at daycare even through naptime, but I am a big push over!
Deb-Give me time and they will be labeled! :)

Debbie said...

You should get all Martha-ey and label them with pictures of the contents so those kids can pick up after themselves!