Saturday, January 5, 2008

Always a Bridesmaid

So my sister is engaged and I am the maid of honor. I am very excited about it, can't wait actually. I have only been a maid of honor once before but didn't really get to do the traditional maid of honor responsibilities. The wedding is next December. It will be very beautiful and very elegant. And did I mention my sister is tall, blonde, and thin?! And I have to stand NEXT to her? So, basically, I have 11 months and one day to lose weight. I don't have a particular number, I just need to get my ass in gear before I can even consider getting into a bridesmaid dress. At the moment, this is what I am willing to wear.

Unfortuantely, I have a feeling she is expecting something more like this.

So, all of you out there willing to help a sister out, I am counting on you to keep me occupied and out of the kitchen. Sure, you might say, "Lay off the mochas, already!" I know, I know. Believe it or not, today I got a skinny mocha latte. One word sums up that "coffee." Puke.
It's gonna take more than laying off the mochas, ladies. I am talking water all day long, easy on the after school snacks. Okay, no after school snacks that don't rhyme with barrots or melery. My partner teacher and I did start walking after school before Christmas break. I think if we keep that up and I keep eating healthy and not eating snacks, my kids' supper, and my own supper, we will be alright.
Any tips?

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Debbie said...

I'm with ya! I'm good to walk on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday now too, so maybe we can all motivate each other!

Angie said...

Yay! I did GREAT before break. I haven't done awful since, but certainly not like I was doing. So, walking and getting back into the routine will help. Although I can't walk tomorrow. I have to leave at 2:00 for the eye dr. We somehow managed to throw my $180 contacts away, so I have to have an exam and hopefully come up with a cheaper way to handle the contact thing because I am tired of glasses everyday. See you in the a.m.

Christy said...

At least you aren't pregnant. I was the last time I was in a wedding and the dress was sleeveless, backless and had a slit up to my throat. Ugh. Plus you have eleven months to prepare. You can do it!!!!