Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I turned 31 Thursday. 31. I am not sure when this happened. The last time I looked I was 25. And suddenly I am in my 30s with 2 kids. I also met my husband on my birthday 10 years ago. 10 years is a long time. Think of the years from 10-20. That's huge! But I swear I blinked on my 21st birthday and now we have been together 10 years. I have no idea where that time went, nor what we did prior to kids. I can't even remember b.k. I am sure it involved dinners out, relaxing evenings, bubble baths without an audience, etc. Today, for example, b.k. I was surely still in bed. Now, however, I have been up for an hour and a half. Barney is on. Little Miss is running around here in a sweatshirt and high heels. Tractor Boy is building a baracade in his doorway proclaiming, "No girls allowed!" How times have changed.

We are going out to dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants, Palomino, to celebrate my birthday and our 10 years together. My sister is baby-sitting. This is a big deal for us, because we rarely go out. So I am very excited to have a grown-up evening. The rest of today will include laundry, picking up toys, trying to get pants on Little Miss, dishes, etc.

Good times.

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Debbie said...

Happy birthday (again!)! I hope you 2 have a great evening out and sis does great with the kidlets. Drink something yummy for me!

Jax said...

OHHHH Happy Birthday!!!!!You know tractor boys room is freakin adorable!!! TY so much for thinking of me while you cropped dust bunnies into the picture so I would not feel sweet of you!!! (although I did not see a single one!)

Angie said...

Thanks! Glad you overlooked the dust. I was WAY too busy taking pictures and blogging to be bothered with cleaning. ;)