Saturday, February 16, 2008


For no good reason whatsoever, I have decided to make a delicious meal tonight, thanks to PW. I am making this, this, and this. I am not, however, making this because the idea of raw eggs creeps me out. This coming from a girl who used to sneak raw meatballs before my mom cooked them. But for some reason, I can't get past it in the cake. Anyway, wish me luck. I have seriously never made real homemade mashed potatoes before. To be honest, I was a bit surprised mashed potatoes actually came from potatoes. I thought they came from this box.

See, I am gonna need all the luck I can get!

AND after such a manly, satisfying meal, I am sure my husband will be expecting a little of this. ;) PW never mentioned that in her post, now did she?!

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Debbie said...

OMG that entire meal looks afreakinmazing! I'd eat the pie, but I have a severe chocolate addiction! I so wish I would've seen this 2 days ago.
And you've never made mashed potatoes from scratch? That's insane. I could live on mashed potatoes, but detest the boxed crap!

teachergirl said...

I looked and couldn't believe how delish that looked. I hope you had a yummy time.

Debbie said...

How was it?!?!?!

Angie said...

It was awesome! And the meal was good too...:) I think I will be roasting garlic and putting it into everything I make from now on. It was awesome. The potatoes were SOOOO good. It took everything in me not to eat the whole pan. Luckily I hate peeling potatoes with a passion, so I won't be making them very often.