Sunday, February 10, 2008


Dear Billy Blanks,

You are kicking my ass. Hopefully you are also reducing the size of it in the process.
Thank you.

Here are a couple pics of Little Miss working out with me. She could use a little exercise. She currently weighs exactly what her 4 year old brother weighs. Poor girl. Sucks to have such genes.

These pictures were taken shortly after Tractor Boy was driving tractors and wagons through my exercising legs but shortly before I did a big high kick right into a pedal tractor that was NOT supposed to be parked behind me. They never show THAT in the videos.

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Debbie said...

Look at her go! Noah just whines until I shut it off. TiVo is haunting my fat ass and constantly suggesting Gilead or Sharon Mann. heh.

Debbie said...

You've been tagged. :)