Sunday, February 10, 2008

Redecorating Update

I have removed all evidence of anything floral or lace from the dining room. Big improvement already. I have my walls planned out. Picked up a few white plates. I am going to attempt to take the border down as soon as Little Miss wakes up from her nap. I REALLY hope I put it on so badly 7 1/2 years ago that it just falls right off. I think I found a paint color I like that will look good with the white trim.

Next decision. The dining room has a really high ceiling. When I put the border up, I painted cream up to about 18 inches from the ceiling, then put the border on. That leaves white ceiling paint on the walls about 12 inches from the ceiling. When I paint, do I paint all the way up to the ceiling or just up to the white to bring the ceiling down a bit?

Here's what I mean:

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Debbie said...

I would advise, but you've seen my house. heh.