Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Farm Progress Show Day!

I mean Valentine's Day. Not everyone recognizes a farm progress show as a National Holiday as my husband does. I did get a sweet card and a bottle of wine....not too shabby. The kids are high on their candy right now. Not only did they get a box of chocolates and Skittles, I did what every good mom does when Daddy isn't home and got Happy Meals for supper!

Speaking of healthy food...last night I was putting Girl Scout cookies on a tray for our school's Taste of Chocolate day in the lounge. I wasn't trying to fool anyone by putting them on a fancy tray; I just thought it would look nice. ANYWAY. Tractor Boy starts to open the cookies and I tell him they are for mommy's school and he can't have any. He immediately bursts into tears, then gets mad.

He yells, "I am telling on woo (you.)"

He then stomps into the family room and says, "Hey God! Mommy won't give me any cookies."

He proceeds to come back into the kitchen and say, "I told God on woo" with a heavy kind of neener neener attitude.

Needless to say, I am in big trouble.

Speaking of Tractor Boy...this afternoon we were driving home from daycare and pass a semi full of big logs. He informs me that a feller buncher took those trees down and then a knuckleboom loader put them on the truck. Then he tells me that a logger operates the equipment. And according to Tractor Boy, "Loggers knows twees are vewy precious and they plant a new twee evewy time they cut one down." Forget 5th grade, I think we need a show called, "Are You Smarter Than a 4 Year Old Country Boy?"

Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love.

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1 comment:

Debbie said...

You are BIG trouble with God!!! That is hilarious!
Enjoy your wine!