Thursday, July 24, 2008

And the award goes to...

Me! Several times, actually. Ya'll know how to make a girl feel good. And being that this is not my favorite week with class and all, the awards are extra special. I got this sparkly little number from Z's mom, Mrs. Parks, and Christine at SippyCupsandBlackberries! Thank you, ladies. I love them. All three of them. Equally. I would hate to have the love stop here. It would be like how I feel when I get a chain letter or recipe chain thing. I never participate, but I feel guilty about it. For a minute. Anyway, I think the following three blogs (since I got three of these awards, I figured three was a good number to give) deserve this award because they are brillante. Or brilliant. Okay, they're brillante and brilliant. So go check them out.

Engaging Susie. Okay, this is really just a way to get you to go check out my baby sister who JUST started her blog. She's very cute and smart and pretty and funny. Yeah, you'll hate her...but in a good way.

Captain Pork Chops. She is also brilliant. And if you catch her on a good day, she's even brillante.

Stretch Marks. I found her through SITS and love reading her blog. She is funny, caring, strong in her faith, and I love that she calls her husband the "Attorney General." Maybe he really is the Attorney General. Then I guess it wouldn't be so funny. Attorney General or not, go check her out.

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Finding Normal said...

I don't know how I've missed Captain Pork Chops! What a great name! I remember seeing her on SITS, but I think that was one of my "busy" days. ha
Glad to see I can now stalk yet another member of your family. I hope she's aware of the masses you just unleashed on her since you are hella popular.

Danielle said...

YAY! Thanks!! I love that you love me!!

You da bomb diggity! Thanks!!

miri68 said...

Yea for you to get a Brillante award! I have lots to do on my list for getting ready for school. I get to teach 7th grade Science! Yea! This will be my first actual year to teach after 6 of subbing. Any tips?

"The Queen in Residence" said...

All that you have had to go through this week and you got an award too. It was a good week.

Lula! said...

That's you and me.

And embarrassingly enough, when my husband and I first started dating and were all in the throws of sappiness, we'd write "MFEO" to each other. I know...lame. Ha!

Sigh...Sleepless...Good Times.
p.s. The Lee Marvin, "I just love that movie!" scene is my fave, too.

Susie said...

Ha! I knew I was the cute one. And the smart one. And the pretty one. And the funny one. =) How is it you're still the favorite?
Thanks for the plug.
Your cute, smart, pretty, funny baby sister.
p.s. what the heck is MFEO?

John Deere Mom said...

Deb-LOVE the Captain Porkchops. Definitely favorite her.

Danielle-I love that you love that I love you!

Miri68-Let's get the obvious out of the way..Tylenol and alcohol. Okay, beyond that I do have a good science tip. Science notebooks/journals. Have you used them? Know what I am talking about? If not, I will give ya details. Good luck, my friend. 13 years olds are a different breed.

The Queen-I agree! And the best part of the week is that it is over! Woo hoo!

Lula-Your husband must be d@mn special to go through MFEO notes. He's a keeper. One of my favorite parts is when they are brushing their teeth and discuss the whole having sex and scratching up the back and Jonah's response, "Jed's got cable."

Fart-Made for each go watch Sleepless in Seattle. There will be a quiz.

Rhea said...

Congrats on your award three times over! Woohoo!!

cupcake said...

Well, isn't SOMEONE popular! You go, girl!

John Deere Mom said...

Rhea-I know...three times! How cool is that?!

Cupcake-Yes, yes I am.