Monday, July 7, 2008

Doghouse, boyfriend, school supplies, OH MY!

Our holiday weekend was relaxing and uneventful. We did take the kids and Gator to our family's farm/creek for 4-wheeler riding, campfire food, and a nice, relaxing evening. The kids and Farm Guy walked this creek with some of our family. The kids LOVED it and came back very wet and very happy. And Mama was happy to sit and have an adult conversation with no children around to interrupt.
Jackie the Cow is in the doghouse...literally and figuratively. Farm Guy had the Gator on the trailer, tied down with 2 tow straps. Jackie chewed through both of them. Completely chewed apart. As if that wasn't bad enough, she also gnawed on the gear shifter thingie. I thought my husband was going to explode. Jackie might just have to find a new who enjoys having their things ruined. Any takers?

With the passing of the 4th, the evil empire Wal-Mart has begun stocking their school supplies. On July 5th. Every teacher out there is cringing right now, I guarantee it. But here's the thing. I LOVE school supplies. Do I love seeing them on July 5th? Not so much. That's just another reminder that summer is halfway over. BUT. I can't help but walk by the school supplies with a little excitement. I finger the glue sticks...smell the crayons...stroke the loose paper. I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it. I know. I have problems. But, you can imagine my excitement when my IRL BFF, Deb, alerted me to the Staples weekly ad. Ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen out there reading?) they have $0.01 folders, pencils, and hand santizer. One cent! The kids and I will be there with bells on when they open this morning.

County fair season is upon us. Is that a big deal in your area? It is here. We are going to one county fair this week and our county fair is next week. Even though we live in a little town, the fair parade is pretty great. We went as a family for the first time last year and the kids had a blast! The kids stood on the edge of the path as they had candy tossed at them. They loved it so I know they will have a blast this year. Speaking of candy. If you ask the Boy what there is at the fair, he responds, "Animals and tractors!" If you ask Little Miss, her response is "Candy and ice cream!" That is so very typical (although I tend to agree with her!)

One of the kids' favorite things to do is pick and "foof" dandelions. Little Miss has recently learned you are to make a wish but not tell anyone or it won't come true. Yesterday she picked one and before she "foofed" it said in a very quiet voice, "I wish for cake and green beans." She is such a nut!

Oh my gosh. The funniest thing just happened. My kids found pictures from the award presentation when I received a teaching award. There is one pic of me with my husband on one side and my principal on the other. Little Miss said, "Who is that guy?" The Boy says, "That's mommy...that's daddy...and that's mommy's boyfriend." Hilarious!

Did anyone happen to see that my title was an "honorable mention" on PW's most recent Name that Photo contest? I just KNEW my entry was going to win. I was slightly disappointed to see it wasn't picked as the winner (I was REALLY digging that camera) but I was happy to see how much traffic I got from just being listed. So, thanks, Ree!

Don't forget to tell me which wedding shower invitation you like best. And if you haven't gone to Scrapblog yet, I highly recommend it. (Unless you have anything else to do today...then you'd better not go. You won't want to quit!)

Last but not least...the answer to the 4th of July quiz. The question was, "Which of these lines is from the Declaration of Independence?"
1)We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union
2)We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal 3)Give me liberty or give me death

The answer is...

2) We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal

Good job, everyone!

The first line (which got 29% of the votes) is from the Constitution and the third line (which NO ONE voted for) was from a speech given by Patrick Henry in 1775 to the Virginia House of Burgesses urging colonists to fight the British.

That concludes this week's history lesson. And probably all history lessons in general.

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The Mom said...

Rock on sista you were sOOOO close to winning PW's contest! Dangit!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love the history lesson. We need to keep our minds active too during the long summer hours.

I agree with you that July 4th is too soon for school supplies, but I do love the smell of a glue stick early in the morning......

Christine said...

just checking in after the holiday - sounds like you were jam packed. Glad that you had fun!

As for school supplies - I still love the smell of crayons and organizing them by color - and I am not even close to being a teacher!

Z's Mom said...

Yaay....I was one of your prize pupils on the poll!

You are making my miss summer days on my Grandma's farm....those are some of my best childhood memories.

Poor Jackie the she just in her 'Terrible Two's' right now? Please give her another 100 chances or so.....she'll be better some day.

I love school supplies too...I just had no excuse to buy them right it the bright colors that attracts us?

Rhea said...

Kids in a creek = very happy kids!! I love sending my kids to wade in a creek.

BAD Cow dog. bad bad bad!!! Oh, dear.

Have fun at the county fair! I want pictures and posts all about it! I don't know if we have one here or not....we were moving in this time last year, so I just don't know...

I love school supplies also, and as much as my kids are wearing me out, I'm not ready for school to start yet either.

Lane Boyz Mom said...

My stomach kinda dropped when I saw the school supplies at Target yesterday, I'm not ready for it to be "that time" yet!!!

Veggie Mom said...

Congrats on the HM in PW's "Name That Photo" contest! You've got a real winning streak going--care to make it 3 in a row? FYI, I'm hosting another Giveaway, starting tomorrow. Please stop on by!

WheresMyAngels said...

Cracking up here and you also brought back memories with your child comment about the principle. My dad always teased us that my mom was having an affair with the principle cause she always stayed so late after school. She was just not organized and it took her forever to get the kids paperwork graded. Or so she said ;)

teachergirl said...

I need so many folders, I can't see straight. I love back to school sales and our governor gives all the teachers $100 on a Visa at the end of July to spend on just about anything we want. (Last year, I spent some of it on clocks for my Time Zone area. It is a sweet way to keep the idea of the different time zones in front of the kids all year; it is such a hard concept to teach and yet, with four clocks and a map, we can talk about it for a minute or two every day or so and voila, they kind of get it. And, of course, it is tested, so they have to be exposed to it. But I digress.) I'll be at Staples tomorrow.

Finding Normal said...

How did the Staples soiree go? I hope you got some good deals (for both of us!)

Karen said...

I had to donate a whole huge carton of crayons to the school. I'd bought a zillion boxes at Walmart, when they were on sale for 10 cents box, thinking I'd keep my grandkids in NZ, in crayons for the rest of their schooling lives. Actually, the amount I bought would probably keep their kids going as well!!

Then I found out that they were one of the things that I could not include in the house pack. No sure why.

But all the folders, exercise books, markers, plastic rulers, etc are safe :-)