Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Haven't had time to blog yet this week so here is an assortment of goings-on at the casa de John Deere Mom.

Got a letter from Cole's preschool teacher. I think there must have been a mix up because I JUST brought him home from the hospital like yesterday. Surely he isn't old enough for preschool yet. Sigh. Definitely had some mixed emotions with that one. Obviously, he will be fine and is definitely ready for it. The logistics of the thing couldn't be simpler. His current daycare will walk him across the street for pre-school three mornings a week. Easy like a zucchini martini. But still...he's my baby. Hmpf.

We had craft time today. Hobby Lobby had their "foam" craft products 30% off so I bought the kids each a dorky little visor and foam stickers and told them to go to town.

Here they are before we got started.

During the sticker extravaganza. Notice my clever use of the garbage bowl for the sticker backing.

And after.

Little Miss looks so pensive in this shot....but she's actually trying to see her stickers on the underside.

Cole had his second all-time dentist appointment today. Admittedly I was a bit behind and this should have been his 3rd appointment, but time got away from me. He did amazingly well. They cleaned, polished, brushed with flouride, and flossed. Then the denist checked him and said everything looked great. We walked out with a ton of loot and hit Starbucks for a celebratory vanilla milk.

Getting his teeth polished.

Little Mess was very quiet throughout the visit, taking it all in....planning her tantrum when it's her turn in a couple months.

Here he is holding "Mr. Slurpy." I wonder if I'm the only psycho ever to have taken pictures during a dental exam.

I was giddy with all the comments in the You Say Tomato game. It was so fun to hear everyone's version of the same thing! Ya'll were definitely varied in the "soda" department. It's funny how many of you (I think in the South) call everything Coke, then specify which drink you actually want! And I LOVE how ya'll say buggy for a shopping/grocery cart. Around here, this is the only buggy you will find.

I worked in my classroom for the first time on Monday. I was a little stressed when I got there. I think I started about 20 projects at the same time. I would start one thing, walk across the room, see something else that needed done, and start on it. I did get all the desks moved, the new language arts materials unpacked and sorted (all 50 million boxes) and all the textbooks passed out. I got my desk kinda, sorta organized. Did 2 of 8 bulletin boards. Actually, one is staying the same. So 3 down....5 to go. I brought a bunch of stuff home that needs kids' names written like name tags, bulletin board things, lunch stuff, etc. but did I bring my class list home? Uh, no.

Oh well, this way I get to sit here with you nice people and drink. My current drink? Diet grape soda with a little splash of vodka. Okay, it was a big splash. More like a "CANNONBALL!" splash. But it is oh.so.good.
If you want to play a little guessing game with my sister and her out of control driving habits, click here. If not...well, I'm sorta done here. Go make yourself a grape soda vodka. You'll thank me tomorrow.

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sassy stephanie said...

"Diet grape soda with a little splash of vodka. "

Don't you mean Coke, diet grape coke with a jigger of tha good stuff?

Mrs4444 said...

We celebrate good dental reports with a trip to the candy store! I figure if their teeth are good, it means they've been taking good care of them; why not load up on sugar?!

John Deere Mom said...

Sassy Steph-You are cracking me up my friend! And a jigger...if by jigger you mean a whole bunch...then I agree!!

Mrs. 4444-:) I was afraid the raisins and fruit snacks had taken their toll so I was very relieved to get the good report. I could probably have hit the candy store though...with the new fancy toothbrushes and toothpaste, I swear the kids brushed their teeth 20 times today!

Finding Normal said...

I've been waiting and waiting for a post!
How weird is it that my youngest has been to the dentist by my oldest hasn't??? MOTY!
Don't like grape soda. I do like wine. 2 glasses tonight. But I drank it in a plastic cup.
Are you working out there tomorrow? I'll be out around 2, if you are.
Love the visors!
Can't imagine the preschool letter, but have mad jealousy for your easy peasy arrangement!

John Deere Mom said...

Deb-When I tried to make an appt. for Claire at the same time as Cole, they said not until 3. So you've got another few months before winning MOTY. I love me some grape soda. Marsh carries the Faygo Diet Grape in cans now. My new favorite drink. Especially with the vodka. And wine in a plastic glass? That's my kind of drinkin. No working at school tomorrow. Going to some big flea market with my mom, cousin, and aunt sans kids. Very excited! I might try to pop in there Friday (at school) with the kids to get my class list. Talk to you soon about Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you......as always I'm lovin the pics of the kids.

Good to know what age they are supposed to go to the dentist...I had no idea!

I don't like diet anything...and trust me...you can tell by looking at me. ;)

LINDA said...

No, you are not the only one to take pics at the dentist. My D did it for me so I could make some scrapbook pages. Do you see everything as a photo op-for blogging or scraping? I do. I'm not so sure about the diet grape or grape soda at all. Grapefruit juice or OJ or TOMATO juice---bloody Mary is my thing.

Finding Normal said...

But my kid is >3. He'll be 4 in January. MOTY! Addison has been, once, to the most cheerful dentist in the state at my favorite hospital. She was obviously a resident (first year?) without kids. Who suggested Shawn and I brush the teeth twice daily together. ha. I don't even brush my own teeth twice daily.
Can't help you on the list. I could probably name half of them. All those great ones I gave you and all the ones I wish I had. And Holton. ha.
Have fun at the flea market! Do you have a day planned next week to work? I have that writing workshop on Monday/Tuesday and an Addi meeting on Wednesday, so I'm thinking Friday, if I need it. The kids are going to DM's that day for the first time. I don't plan to be there the Mon/Tues before the first day. Unless I have no choice.
Email me re:Thursday! I hit Old Time Pottery today and LOVED IT! I figured it was artsy fartsy stuff, but braved it since you said you went. Got pillows for the couch to match my living room re-do for $6 each. But they were supposed to be $5, so I might go back on Thursday and get my $3 back. Got some cloth napkins (oh la la) and a plastic chair to use as an author's chair for $4! Woohoo!

Karen said...

Cute photos!!! And that pensive shot is just too much.

Grape soda and vodka .. interesting, :-)

School has been back a week at the one I volunteer at. It's a year round school. The Kindy kids started this week. Went by on Monday to let the teacher I work with know that I'd be there on Thursday. All three teachers were already looking frazzled and it was only the first day. Each class has between 29 - 30 kids in it !! With a good heaping of them ESL. Everybody is drading what will happen when traditional schools go back, as we tend to get all the kids whose parents *Forgot* that they should have started a couple of weeks ago. Fun times ahead!!

I might just be trying out your grape soda 'CANNONBALL' in the next couple of weeks!!

tinabean1988 said...

The kids did a great job on they're little visors they are adorable.
Glad to hear you accomplished a little in your class room thats something anyway.

Mamahut said...

I love grape SODA :) I know what you mean about preschool, it's hard, it's sad and it's fun all at the same time. I wish I could go back in time.

teachergirl said...

I know how you feel - one minute you are giving birth to them and the next minute, the oldest is 16, a junior in high school and going to get her license on Friday. It's out of control. I miss the days when foam visors and foam sticky things would keep them happy and quiet. For ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yum. I will be adding that drink to my list of things to start drinking as soon as I push the watermelon out of my girlie parts.

Kat said...

I LOVE the pensive shot. That is another frameworthy one.

And you really needed another paragraph at the end of this post. Because it was so all over the place. From kid dental visits to vodka laced soda to crafting with kids to buggies.

I think you needed to send your readers over to vote for you for the random drivel award :-)

Brandy said...

Did anyone look at you strange while at the dentist's office? People seem to think I'm weird for taking pictures. Or maybe they just think I'm plain weird without the pictures. LOL!

I've never tried vodka in diet grape sode but it sure sounds good...I drink mine in good ole' southern sweet tea.


Deanna said...

Wow, you have been busy! I loved the horse and buggy picture. Your little ones sure enjoyed the craft! And I think dentist pics are awesome! He gets to see what some of his first visits were like, and then he'll say, "Moooooooom! That's embarassing!" And you get to grin while sipping your diet grape soda vodka miracle. :)

"The Queen in Residence" said...

We went to the store and I had to stop and think, is it a buggy or a cart. But loved the picture of your buggy.

So sorry that you are already dealing with sending your little guy to school. I too feel that I just brought them home and now the school gets to have them more then me.....so unfair.

Loved the visors and it gave me an idea, it is craft time.

Susie said...

Mr. Slurpy was his name!! I totally thought you were talking about a stuffed animal or something- not a big loogie suctioning medical device!

Shelley said...


In my mind I'm hollering CANNONBALL......

Great posts and beautiful children. I'll be adding you to my blog roll.
Keep em coming.

Rhea said...

Cute sticker project and love the dentist photos!

I think there's been a mixup here also...apparently I have a child going into MIDDLE SCHOOL! AGHH!!!

Anonymous said...

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