Friday, April 11, 2008


That's right. 30 days until
Ah, woo hoo!

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cupcake said...

Well, jinkies for you.

I've got eight weeks and two days. Subtracting Memorial Day (which happens to be a teacher workday, for goodness sakes), that makes 41 school days for us.


emily freeman said...

Wow. I can't believe this. What happened to February? And March...MARCH! Where did March go? This buying and selling houses thing has got my time of the year clock all out of whack.

I love your background paper, btw :)

Finding Normal said...

Wahooskis! I will say I'm finally hitting my stride with this class. We are now able to open our science books to page F54 within a reasonable amount of time, hand in our homework semi-regularly, and do other necessary things without tons of instruction.

Kimberly said...

Three cheers for summer!

Oh, I couldn't get the link you left on my weather post to work. That is ok... I'm happy to hear your weather is getting nice for summer!

teachergirl said...

I've heard 35. Could I be wrong? I must get out my calendar and start counting. Because my last day is the Friday before Memorial Day (and you know I am not counting those teacher days after.)

teachergirl said...

Color me stupid, Angie. It is 30 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) days until the bitter end. And to think, I teaches math. Heaven help us all.

John Deere Mom said...

Yay! I was beginning to worry that I skipped an entire week. Whew. Close one! :)