Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love the 80s

I stole this from Sippy Cups and Blackberries because I totally love everything 80s.

1.How old were you in 198O? I was 3

2. How old were you in 1989? Um, this a math quiz?!

3. Were you a Toys R' US Kid? Well, I spent hours looking through the toy catalog and BEGGED my mom to take me

4. Did you watch Transformers? No thank you.

5. Did you see E.T. on the big screen? Yes...and then about a million times afterward

6. Did you own a Lite Bright? What child of the 80s didn't? Still one of my favorite toys.

7. Who is your Favorite Golden Girl? The trampy one...Blanche. I used to watch Golden Girls at my grandma's house. Memories.

8. When someone says " Who you gonna call?" That would be, "Ghostbusters!" The night my husband and I met, we watched this movie until the wee hours of the morning. Yes, there was alcohol involved.

9.What was your favorite toy? Too many to count, but I would have to say Cabbage Patch. My sister and I have so many...we were way spoiled.

10. Did you have a Pogo Ball? Yes!

11. Did you listen to New Kids on the Block? Oh my. Did I?! How about obsessed? NKOTB was my first concert!

12. What New Kid did you have a crush on? Donny, baby!

13. Did you play M.A.S.H? Mansion, Apartment, Shed, House... Oh my gosh...until I had married every cute boy in school in my white wedding dress, with my red Lamborghini, with 10 kids, living in a mansion.

14. Did you watch The Care Bears? I had a couple Care Bears, but don't remember watching it

15. Did you have Jelly bracelets? Loved the jelly bracelets

16. Did you have a charm necklace and/or bracelet? How about a hundred BFF necklaces with all my BFFs?

17. Did you have a Glo Worm? I think my sister did...I was too mature for such things

18. Did you ever own a slap bracelet? Loved the slap bracelets!

19. The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles? At the time, I was a little young for Definitely Breakfast Club

20. Did you have a crazy hair style? If crazy means really big requiring a bottle of Aqua Net a week, then yes.

21. What was your first bike? Pink...that's about all I remember. Never was a big bike rider.

22. Name one thing you still own from your childhood! Some books, blankets, Cabbage Patch dolls, I am sure my parents have a lot more stuff packed away somewhere

23. Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid? Haven't you been paying attention?

24. Did you dress like Madonna? I tried...I had ribbed jeans and black patent leather shoes covered in safety pins. Boy, that was hot.

25. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake? Definitely Strawberry Shortcake. I even had bunk beds made into a Strawberry Shortcake clubhouse. I can almost smell their hair now.

26. Did you watch Miami Vice? Nope - too young. Although I did think boys with white blazers were pretty hot.

27. Did you own a pair of Jelly Shoes? Yes, but my feet were too fat and wide to really "pull them off."

28. Did you own a Trapper Keeper? I think I owned every Lisa Frank product made

29. Atari or Nintendo? Ninetendo , but we didn't get one until it was uncool
30. Did you play Pac-Man? Nope.

31. Which was better: Neither...a little young for me.

32. He-Man or She-Ra? Neither...

33. What movie scared you the most? Hate scary movies...always have so probably Arachnophobia

34. Did you try to dance like Michael Jackson? Um, no.

35. What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear "Flux Compasitor"? Nada.

36. What other colors did Pepsi come in? Pepsi gross!

37.Roger Rabbit Or Howard The Duck? Roger Rabit , loved the movie!

38. Did you ever beg your parents to have your school picture taken with the 'LASER' background? Yes, but to no avail.

39. Do you know what the Ninja Rap is? TMNT?

40. Do you know why people cringe when they hear the word BUCKNER? No clue

41. Can you name the family members from National Lampoons Vacation movies? Hmm, Rusty is the only one I remember..oh wait, Ellen was the mom

42. Wally-World or Europe? Wally-World definitely

43. What was your favorite movie from the 80's? Loved Top Gun, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller, Crocodile Dundee, Three Men and a Baby, Dirty Dancing, Big, Cocktail (before Tom Cruise got creepy)

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